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  1. Goldeneagle76

    Saiga 12 take-off parts

    Do takeoff parts like the trigger guard and FCG from a stock Saiga 12 have any value? Was gonna list them on for sale section but no clue what they would go for.
  2. Prices are shipped: (2) new in wrapper SGM tactical 12rd mags $95 for both or $50/each (3) very lightly used AGP Gen2 10 rd black mags $30/each (1) new in package ProMag 12rd drum $70 SPF to dariman3 new AK SAW pistol grip: $14 new Tac47 modified FCG: $41 SPF new Tapco AK stock: $25 shepherds crook: will toss in if you buy the Tac47 FCG
  3. Goldeneagle76

    WTS: Saiga 12 parts

    Live in DE, the gov is trying to pass all kinds of new anti-gun laws
  4. Goldeneagle76

    WTS: Saiga 12 parts

    I have a couple extra 12 rd mags in wrapper but not sure I am gonna part with them yet. Might be passing a hi-cap (no more than 10 rds) ban in my state soon. You can keep what you have but cannot use it in public other than at a range. No selling or buying either.
  5. All items are new. All prices are shipped prices: Will ship whole package for $130 shipped, will break down and sell individually as well Tromix DIY trigger guard: $41. This is SPF on 6/3 AK SAW pistol grip: $15 Tac47 modified FCG: $42 Tapco AK stock: $25 shepherds crook: will toss in if you buy the Tac47 FCG plastic hole plugs: will toss in if you need them and buy another item
  6. tromix DIY trigger guard tapco SAW grip tapco AK stock Tac47 FCG shepherd crook plastic hole plugs All new in wrappers
  7. Goldeneagle76

    WTS: Saiga 12 conversion kit

    what were you looking for?
  8. $140 shipped Tac-47 modified FCG Tromix trigger gaurd Tapco standard AK stock Tapco SAW grip shepherds crook plastic hole plugs Selling as a kit, not interested in separating at this time. PM if interested
  9. Goldeneagle76

    How reliable are 5 round mags

    Not ks but 44mag.com does have factory 5 rd mags for $29.99 in stock.
  10. Goldeneagle76

    Some luck with Autoplug but stock plug worked better

    Or he could just run buckshot since it's a combat shotgun Send him a case or two, so he can try it ETA: depending in what I built the weapon for, I use the factory regulator or Autoplug. If I don't plan on using 3", I use a modified factory reg. I think we need a sticky on how to mod the factory plug now!!!!