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  1. I am looking for original dust covers, so if you have pulled your old one off to install a a dog rail or other aftermarket and want to sell your originals I am willing to buy. Message me or comment. Will pay reasonable prices.
  2. I don't buy any promags. Ever. Most of the issues I have ever encountered with failure to feed in AKs are magazine related. Stick with CSSPECS, they are great mags and work well.
  3. Actually Gunny, it wasn't. was asking for information about whether it's worth trying to sell them.
  4. I haven't fired any steel case through it. Upon further examination I think that if the bullet guide sat up a bit higher it would redirect the longer 5.56 rounds and prevent jamming.
  5. Recently finished a pmag conversion using the Canis / AK designs kit, with a dinzag bullet guide. Rifle feeds 223 like a champ, but tends to hang up on 5.56 rounds. Pushes me up and the bolt catches on the top of the casing. Any thoughts about what might cause this or how I might fix it? I'm a bit stumped.
  6. Mike, what 308s have muzzle threads under the caps? Is there a specific way to tell without having to remove the front sight block?
  7. I have a poly choke on my S12 (has the long barrel). It's ok, but if you go to www.saigastock.com you can buy a set of Russian thread-on chokes that use the factory metric muzzle thread. I'm actually planning to set mine up as a home def shotgun, so I'm putting a dinzag brake on mine (also ordered the tooling to thread my muzzle), but I've been debating replacing my S12 poly choke with a set of fixed choke and just putting on whatever one I need at the time.
  8. Actually holes wouldn't be too bad, sort of like a Glock or M&P magazine.
  9. I shoot remington express buckshot most of the time through mine. For lower power rounds you gotta open up that gas block; I've even had to open it up 2 clicks with really crappy ammo to get it to cycle.
  10. My Saiga 20 is a perfect girlfriend gun. Less recoil than my 12, and honestly I think it is less sensitive to ammo variance than the 12. I use the CSSPECS mags, they work great. As for red dot, a side-rail mount is the best way to go, but there are a lot of product options and all are pretty crappy. The "best house in a bad neighborhood" is the GG&G model, but you can probably get by with a UTG for 1/3 the price since it IS just a shotgun and doesnt really require pinpoint accuracy. Also, mine came with no muzzle thread; I'm in the process of ordering tooling to rectify tha
  11. >>> THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO SELL <<< Please gain contributor status and feel free to start a "FOR SELL" post. Respectfully, Gunny NR
  12. I have done 3 Saiga 308 conversions. I replaced the fire control group, forearm, stock, pistol grip, and used CSSPECS magazines. Simple conversion, and 922 compliant. I used KVAR stock with a LoP that fits me on 2 of them; it has the hatch to hold the cleaning kit. The third has a magpul PRS. I also have a 20 ga and a 223 Saiga that sport magpul CTR stocks.
  13. All 3 of my Saiga 308 conversions use Dinzag trigger guards. I love them.
  14. I have been going through this problem for the better part of the last year. I have several Sica three lights that shoot sub – M OA accuracy. The challenge for me is finding a scope mount to hold a 10 X or higher magnification scope reliably and repeatably without shifting zero just by leaning against the wall of my gun safe. What I have ended up doing is going for one of the Polish beryl- style rails. The downside is that you do lose the normal Ironside functionality. But to be honest I don't think that the quick detach scope mounts really at a tremendous amount of value anyway. I own one
  15. I have always had luck with the Tapco forearm. Yeah yeah, I know, it's plastic and people don't like how it connects, but I have a 16.5" barrel S 308 that shoots 3/4" groupings at 100 yards regularly. I currently have 3 S308s with sub-MOA accuracy and all use the Tapco forearm.
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