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  1. I have a WW1 Winchester M97 trenchgun for trade only at the moment. I have decided to let this one go and seek out a 12 ga. box fed semi auto . I am looking for either a Saiga 12 or an MKA 12ga. that has been professionally upgraded. This particular M97 is dated to 1918, is "US" marked and in excellent physical and mechanical condition. It is not perfect, with a blemish here and there (somewhere in its long life, rear mounted rifle sights were added & sub-sequentially removed). This left behind slight, but ugly cosmetic damage to the rear top of barrel. The bluing is original & 95% o
  2. I appreciate the input from all. At the moment I have the loose ammo in two .50 cal cans. One can holds 6,000 rds comfortably. I'd just like a dozen or so 50 or 100rd boxes for the convieniance of not having to lug around the the entire lot. It's a senior citizen thing, I've a lot of free time nowadays.
  3. I have nearly 10k loose .22LR rounds in need of boxes (50 or 100 rd plastic boxes). 1 box or a hundred., I have some .45acp I'd be willing to trade if need be.
  4. SOLD 200 rds. factory new Walmart special (Winchester). 200 rds factory, possibly 1980's vintage (nos Winchester)., one 5 rd box and one 10 rd box 00 buck. 415 rds total, $100.00 plus postage. I'll post pics later this afternoon. subject to prior sale. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  5. As stated in the original post, I never had to do a darn thing to the MKA . Performs flawlessly from day one. The only add-on was a rail and a surefire m900a. I may swap out the plastic carry handle for a real one at some point. Those two saiga's were traded for a nice little Colt M4.
  6. A little background 1st., #1- I am a happy/very satisfied owner of an MKA 1919 #2- I was a very dis-appointed owner of a saiga 12 #3- I was a very very dis-apointed owner of a saiga 20 #4- I bought all 3 of these new between Sept/Aug 2012 #5- The MKA 1919 has been 100% reliable. Not a single fail, EVER. Straight out of the box w/ANY load or type. #6- The 2 Saigas were nothing but miserable failures and money pits straight out of the box. After $250 in upgrades (without going into details) and nearly 200 rounds down range with the S12, I bailed out of that abortion. After nearl
  7. great forum. how long after a contibution is made does it take before wts/wtb ads can be submitted?
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