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  1. I believe that will be the TAC-12 A1 model. On their Facebook page they mention it is a few months out for the A1.
  2. I'd say my dry firing hasn't been excessive, but at every step along the way of my build I rack & dry fire as part of function testing. Most of the dry firing was during magazine feed lip tuning, and that took a while to get the bolt open function working on all of my magazines. The ever loosening choke is the only issue I've seen, and it doesn't take many handle pulls to get it loose. The wall thickness of the barrel seems too thin to allow a threaded lock ring, so I'll probably just use a drop of high temp thread locker and call it a day. This is my first and only shotgun. Are loose
  3. 8 months after buying my MKA I finally get to shoot it. I added a Magpul B.A.D. lever, swapped the Trulock Tactical Choke for the stock choke with three notches on it, and went with the Magpul MOE Fixed Carbine Stock. With the added weight of the FB lower and standard length handguard, the Mako GL was a little too heavy and had to go. It also loosened up a little just from pushing it in and out before I even shot the MKA, and I just couldn't get over that looseness. I like my firearms nice and solid. The Magpul MOE Fixed Carbine Stock it turns out is the perfect length and is rock so
  4. I've been collaborating with Lew on a design for my MKA that will function with the standard length FB handguard, larger aftermarket charging handle, and access to the bullet button (magazine release button for you lucky free state people) and finally got it delivered. The fit is perfect and there is access to everything. I was supposed to use it yesterday and give him feedback, but didn't get a chance so it'll be some time next month. I did use the other MKA brass (hull) catcher on our ARs and filled the bag up. Works great and looks good too. These are pictures of Lew's new design:
  5. There is no provision for the retainer & spring. It's only function it is to retain the buffer in the extension tube of ARs. The tab of an endplate aligns the buffer tube, and yes you will want to use one of those.
  6. No. The MKA does not use a buffer & spring.
  7. My TBC was waiting for me when I got home today. Nice unit. Mounted it on the MKA and the charging handle hits the curved plastic strip that mounts the bag to the lower part of the frame. Unbolting the strip and turning it upside down solves that issue. Now I pull the left side charging handle and...... the right side handle cannot pull all the way back. In the picture the MKA is in bolt open condition and you can see the handle does not fit in the frame/bag. Looking carefully at the pics ToysRUs posted I see the problem. The catcher was modified around his MKA; short FB han
  8. You will probably want to contact the BATF and get a letter from them before removing that tag.
  9. Not a good idea. Page 43 (also on page 10) of the ATF Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide: § 478.34 Removed, obliterated, or altered serial number. No person shall knowingly transport, ship, or receive in interstate or foreign commerce any firearm which has had the importer's or manufacturer's serial number removed, obliterated, or altered, or possess or receive any firearm which has had the importer's or manufacturer's serial number removed, obliterated, or altered and has, at any time, been shipped or transported
  10. Ordered. Plan to use it on both my MKA & our ARs.
  11. Magazine issue. The bolt open tab on 2 of my 10 rounders and half of my 5 rounders does not sit high enough to lift the bolt catch. Like duggr mentioned, opening the front of the feed lips will allow the follower to rise and the tab will lift the bolt catch. This worked for me. You will need to be careful so the bolt open tab doesn't hit the top of the window it protrudes through. These magazines are all over the place, with the same ones either not fitting correctly or not at all in my stock lower. They all fit the TAC-12 lower just fine. Most of the feed lips are also not the same length
  12. Ouch, more than the part itself. I had other items in the same order.
  13. Yes, a positive feel without any stiffness when moving out of the detents. With the longer nose you are able to preload the plunger without bottoming out the ball. Part # 84985A52 has a slightly higher spring rate.
  14. Will do. The Mako is a loose fit on the Vltor extension since its made to also fit commercial spec tubes. To fix that, I put a 1" wide strip of .022" thick UHMW tape along the top of the tube and a strip of PTFE tap in the receiver channel of the stock and that eliminated all but the slightest hint of wobble, and the stock still slides back & forth freely.
  15. One other note, I did not use the safety detent FB included with the lower. Instead I bought a long nose spring plunger from McMaster, part# 84985A13. You don't need a plunger wrench like it says in the product description, it is slotted for a screw driver. http://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/119/3345/=mtovvl
  16. After much anticipation, my TAC-12 lower finally made it's way home on Thursday. As a machinist and programmer, I can say this is a very nicely machined part. No chatter marks, funky edge breaks, engineering shortcuts or mediocre workmanship. A very nice component. The only thing I would note to FB is add some material to the top of the bosses that the bolt lock roll pin goes through. Scary thin in the event the pin needs to be removed for any reason. My MKA is not the light weight it once was, but not that heavy either. Definitely a very solid gun without feeling awkward or overweight. I
  17. My lower & Ambi-Safety kit is shipping Monday
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