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  1. Selling a Level 10 forend in the classifieds, for pre XN MKAs: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/87592-wts-tn-level-10-mka-forend/
  2. Selling a Tooth & Nail Armory Level 10 left side charging forend for the Akdal MKA 1919. Comes with the T&N Drive Block. Color is FDE with black rails. Full length rails top and bottom, 6 slot rails on the sides. $200. http://www.toothandnailarmory.com/product/TN010.html
  3. There are dimensional differences on my mags, not burrs.
  4. Some factory MKA mags definitely need "tuning" to work correctly. Two of my 5 round and two of my ten rounder mags either do not engage the catch, or stick in the magwell and I wind up pushing them up too far just slightly, and they need to be pulled out with a healthy tug. Since I'm on the Firebird lower list. I'm not going to do anything to them until I get the lower.
  5. Didn't really pay attention to it with the stock handguards, but with both the T&N and FB handguards the barrel definitely angles slightly to the right pretty much identically.
  6. I don't either. Hey you guys with numbers, when did you get on the list? I made the call on 1/21.
  7. Old thread bump. Did you fix your barrel? I just installed my FB handguard and found I also have a crooked right hand barrel, along with a slight droop.
  8. Your table is forgiven. Don't know how far down the list I am (right after SHOT), but teasing is torture....
  9. A while ago there was something exactly like that for California ARs. Haven't heard a peep about it since then, don't know if it actually went into any sort of production or not. I have the UBBT (Ultimate Bullet Button Tool) on all of my AR magazines, and the UBML (Ultimate Bilateral Magazine Lock) on my DD, and with a short amount of practice I switch magazines pretty fast with no fumbling around. I have two extra locks and one is going on the Tac-12 lower when mine is ready.
  10. Unfortunately, if you put that or any possible variation of it that allows your hand/finger to manipulate it and eject the magazine, it becomes a detachable magazine and illegal in California.
  11. I bought a couple XP Hammer Springs that were recommended in one of these threads and it will not fit the stock hammer. I recently bought a hammer from CSS (Firebird?) and it came with the spring, so now I have a couple extra springs that may be useful for a couple of my AR builds.
  12. I know the majority of gun owners will poo poo the idea that the law will inspect their firearms for whatever reason, but it does happen. Here in Cali, encounters with the BLM and Forest Service are frequent enough that you should be on your toes about the legality of whatever you are shooting. http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=636033 I know, an old crime blog, but if you invite trouble it may follow.
  13. uh, im about 99% sure you can have a callapsable stock and pistol grip as long as you have a bullet button... i see the mossburgs for sale all over the place with a pistol grip and callapsable stock. as far as the magpul enhanced buttpad gos, i dont really see a benafit with it on mine. its still pretty dam hard, better off going with a limb saver if your looking for a little softer hit on your shoulder. Its a semi-auto configuration restriction: http://www.calguns.net/caawid/sgflowchart.pdf I'm not too familiar with Mossbergs, Benellis, etc... but in all of the pictures I
  14. Making it permanent with a pin pressed through the stock & tube would realistically be the only safe way to stay on the legal side. Disabling the adjust lever to create a fixed butt stock may or may not fly, depending on what leo decides to check out your weapon.
  15. Heres the link to the Krebs MKA:
  16. The Mako arrived today, but after looking it over I won't be able to use it and retain the recoil-reducing feature, so a Magpul CTR and enhanced buttpad are on order. In California, semi-automatic shotguns cannot have BOTH a collapsable stock and a pistol grip. I was hoping I could find a way to pin it, but it would just make it a solid butt stock, so that idea is dead. The Mako itself is a pretty solid unit, slightly heavy, but doesn't seem like it would be unmanagable. The weight could only add to dampen the shock.
  17. I'm also here for the same reasons as Flatland and hope everyone can just call it square and move on. I'd really hate to see this forum turn into Pirate4x4 MKA.
  18. Interesting. Here's one of the threads I found regarding fit: http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_3_19/524188_Mako_GL_Shock___Does_it_Fit__.html Seems some manufacturers don't stick to specs. Vltor appears gtg according to Mako, but I'll find out once I actually get my hands on both.
  19. Milspec. I'm planning on using the Vltor tube if I can find one.
  20. After viewing the Endine thread on the Saiga forum, I cancelled my order for the Endine tube. For me, the fit is unacceptable, but then I machine parts with tolerances of +/-.0001 so this would bug me to no end. I found a Mako GL Shock (stock only) in flat dark earth, and based on user reviews on other forums I ordered that. I probably don't really need it, but if my wife shoots my MKA I don't want her to be scared of shooting it and maybe even want one of her own.
  21. If you separate the upper and lower you can adjust the screw for a little better feel, not much but not as soft. The set screw should be a ball nose spring plunger rather than the swivel ball point like my MKA has. You probably find one at McMaster. You can also just drop in a small ball bearing and spring beneath the oem screw and put more tension on the selector with out locking it up.
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