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  1. The good people at TripleFFirearms.com have a stock adaptor for the BR99. /M
  2. Can anyone recommend a pad that will reduce some of the recoil felt? My shoulder is taking a beating. BTW... I have a FB end plate on a OE stock so I'm looking for something that slips on rather than screws on. /M
  3. Just ordered-up some more goodies. CSS is top notch. /M
  4. I was thinking a star washer would do the same. But hey, if I can pop $35 on a cool looking billet bobble, I will. <g> /M
  5. Long time - no post, as my MKA has been sitting quietly in it's case since last fall. I had a pistol competition this morning at an outdoor range, and knowing my buddy was one of the RO's on the rifle range, I decided to bring my shotgun. Only slugs are allowed and one round only in the gun. Having my buddy as RO, he looked the other way as I test fired my Salem 6 10rn mags. No issues at all. Although I loaded up on most of the 922r goodies long ago, I have yet to install anything. I was firing a totally stock rifle. I shot at the 25 yard station because a) I had yet to sight-in t
  6. Thanks for the SecurityCameraKing web site. I'm looking for what they called the Holly Grail of DVR security systems: A system with completely wireless and solar-powered cameras. I need a system, but I do not want to tip anyone off that a system is being installed. No wires to run. No AC/DC power supplies to deal with. No ladders & drills. If there are any security specialists out there (or gov. spooks) with suggestions, please let me know. SCK suggested hunter's cameras, but they only record internally and don't network to a remote DVR. /M
  7. Count me in. I would like to see it bigger however. I'm a lefty and I have to move my right hand off the forend and while grasping & pulling down on the mag, I use my thumb to trigger the release. A button that extends forward even more than what you've shown would be welcomed. I use an extended cylinder release button on my S&W627 revolver. Makes speed reloads so much easier. /M
  8. I read somewhere that the trigger group is held in place with pins that need to be drifted-out. I recall something about the pins being knurled or splined on one end for a better press fit. Which side of the gun are the knurls so I know to punch them out from the opposite side? /M
  9. Are there any on-line tutorials and/or videos on how to install a Tromix trigger? Or is it fairly intuitive? /M
  10. Whimpy-whimpy-whimpy. MKA-1919: Hefty-hefty-hefty. Enjoy. /M
  11. I asked the question before about if the new guide rod that comes with a charge handle equipped forend is considered a 922® part in itself and was told no. This did not make any sense to me as the part the new guide rod replaces is called by Akdal an "operating rod." Of course, all this 922® compliance is fairly moot. As I said before, if you've got the ATF tearing your firearms apart looking for foreign made parts, or not enough US parts... you're in a world of hurt far worse than a hacked-off butt stock and an oversized magazine. /M
  12. Is there a 48 round spacer so I can go hunting? /M
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