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  1. yeah iv been back and forth . think im going with a converted saiga 20 inch . i do like the vepr alot .but to be hounst i think its cause of the wood lol . i can allways switch to a wood kit for the saiga if i want . now to do more research on the ar mag conversion . gets scary grinding on a new gun though lol but only haveing to carry one kind of mag and ammo is a nice idea ,,, i allmost bought a yugo underfolder lastnight too .. price was hard to beat .. but i passed . sent a freind of mine to get it lol that way if i want it ill just buy it off him lol .. but not a underfolder fan as much a
  2. yeah im lookn at a 30 doller diffrance between a converted saiga and a new in box vepr with the thumb hole stock witch i cant use .i do like the wood stock look and feel so id like to put wood on the saiga if i got it. thats kind of a wash between the 2 cause id need to switch off the thumb hole anyhow . in the 5.56 idont think either would ever have durabilty issues between the heavy reciver on the vepr and the thinner one on the saiga . the finish is much nicer on the vepr . but i have to admit im kind of a saiga fan i guess more then the vepr just cause i own a saiga12 too . but i hear
  3. Been looking at the 2 lately . Saigas are gettn hard to find . Hell unconverted ones are goin over 800 if u find one. I found a few 223 veprs for a decent price . But there not as popular as the saigas. I'm wanting to switch the finger hole stock off cause I'm left handed and they don't fit well . And really leaning to do the ar mag adaptor since I have a few dozen ar mags . So should I hold out for a saiga or do the vepr thing ?
  4. i have one of those too .. was a pain feeding shells .. i just bent those lips flat.. works just ae good as my other ones now
  5. Yeah I'm Gona run a few hundred more rounds through it first before I tear into the gas ports . Looks like I have a 3 hole and there all unshrouded so if after I know it's broke in fully there's still a issue I'll work them . I'm Gona reload some better shells so they work the action like its susposed to .any one here do reloading and have a good recipe they would like to give me ?? I'm lookn and with my red dot and caseings and wads running 19.5 grains of powder with a 1 1/8 shot I'll get about 10400 of psi . Should be enough to cycle it good
  6. i can shoot low brass . fedral or super speed winnchester with very few FTE on the 5 round mags or my promag 10 round but it FTE allmost everytime with the 3 surefire mags ? loaded up some nitro mags 3inch and cycled evrytime and man did it kick the shells out . i know with the FTE i rarely get with the other mags im pushing lower limit of pressure it need to cycle fully and the shells just dribble out . but why is the surefire 12 rounders makeing it so worse > the rounds seem to fit well and unload well out of the mags no real sticking as they slid through . i need to get my reloader runni
  7. Thanks for the input been a week of intensive searching for mags lol luckily if gotten a few so thats taken care of. For now. I think my wife is sick of me textn her from work to call or check shock at places lol . O well she will get over it lol. I also got my side rail mount today .funny the looks I get from the wife as I sit here messing with it again lol this site has already proved extremely helpfull and I wouldn't have found a few of the mags I got with out u guys postings thanks
  8. Ordered 2 myself today .called to check first .sounded like they were Abit busy with calls asked to order over the phone was told to just do it online .lol I imagine like everyone else there swamped with calls askin the same questions .and after today's speech from washington I have a feeling there going to get even more calls ...... O and toxin thanks for the heads up also
  9. yeah i wouldnt consider the trigger pull bad but i wouldnt consider it good either lol. yeah shells are goin quick good thing its cold here and i only want to spend a few mns out side lol i had to set up my reloading stuff again havent used that in years got to relearn that setup again . but yeah i like the original trigger group compared to the lever setup that it has now and the last ak i tore down its a pain to install the trigger goup with big finggers lol .im just haveing the .jezz i just bought this do i really want to take a grinder to it feeling lol
  10. just bought my first saiga 12 been wanting one for years with all the new pressure about another ban coming i said to hell with it and went and bought one . before there untouchable price wise. im trying to decide to convert or not ? how much dose the full convert shorten the whole package ? with the colapsable stock pushed all the way in . and whats the length diffrance with the tapco stock with the stock trigger location to stock . im long armed and the stock lenght fits me well . just dont like the hand postion . ak's with stock stocks allways feel short to me i really like the full conver
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