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  1. I lived in Houston for 12 years. I absolutely LOVE that weather, and the people. I really do miss it. One of my favorite moments, was when I moved back up north, I took my dogs out to the ponds around here to go swimming, and the first winter, My chow went galloping out the door of my truck, and hit the frozen pond! ROFLMAO! She had never seen snow or anything, she was all sprawled out on four legs with a look on her face that asked what the HELL is THIS? lol., while she was circleing and sliding. Texas people are the best. They believe in what they say, and they don't bullshit you. They belie
  2. WTF? Thank god I don't own a tv or rent movies. Who the Fuck is portraying who the fuck again? lol. And I should care because WHY? lol. Enjoy your life.
  3. Lindsay Lohan all over again. And it IS a shame, she was such a beautiful girl. She looked like a young Ann Margret.
  4. My male, fixed, is mostly an inside dog. He has what one would call anxiety seperation issues, lol. He is not a biter, or aggressive, but will bark and look extremely stupid. he wags his head back and forth, his toungue hangs out, and spittle flies everywhere, plus his eyes roll around in his sockets, lol. He looks completely retarded when wound up. But for the most part he is a competent dog. He only acts this way under duress, such as going to the vet. The vet said that he was highly disruptive, and aggressive when they tried to put him in a cage, and that he was an annoyance to the other an
  5. Unfortunatley, she will reap far more money doing this. Her actions create buzz. I hope your little girls weren't watching. Seemed that Will Smith and his family were appalled.
  6. Vet called back about an hour later and requested me to come get my dog, lol. Apparently he was aggresive trying to get in a cage and extremely disruptive and disturbing to the other animals. He had a stomach disorder- was clogged up, and whatever. High fever and totally lethargic, couldn't even move at home. I wasn't going to be able to be around him, so I insisted that they keep him for observation for a day or two. He is fine while he is at home. Man, he did NOT like being locked up. They kept him in a room meant for examinations, away from the other animals.He does not act this way at home
  7. It would totally suck to be in your shoes, Indy. I feel for you in today's job climate. I really, sincerely hope that you find something soon, that you enjoy doing. And that pays the bills.
  8. I will gladly take your job. Any job at this point. Not too many people have sympathy for someone whining how he used to have the easiest job in the world making big bucks, and now he doesnt. Truckers have been dealing with cameras for years. Many others here as well. Maybe you should blame the unions that support the politicians and judges that created this litigious society? Piss in a can on the job under the camera. It's not always the "easiest job in the world". it is difficult when people decide to commit suicide, and the best way they can conjur up is to jump in front o
  9. Big John expressed my views very eloquently, in a way that I wasn't able. yes, we have cameras all around our work place, much like there are cameras everywhere I go in my everyday activities. It's completely different to have a stationary camera record you going out and about, doing your normal everyday activities, to one that focuses on you and only you for up to 12 hours at a time in a situation where you are not allowed to come and go as you please, in your normal workday activities. I'm stuck in my chair, and there is not a thing I can do about it. I don't use my cell phone, as I stated w
  10. This used to be the ULTIMATE job! You were out on your own, running through some of the most beautiful areas of the Country. Simply astounding! Seeing the Country change through the seasons, all the wildlife. It was a sense of being truly free. Out in the most desolate places. God, you couldn't ask for anything better. It is a beautiful and spectacular run. I can't convey how cool it is. Leave it to man, to screw it all up by making you nervous and apprehensive - Knowing that you are being watched every second of your life. Some people can suck the joy out of anything. I used to love my job. N
  11. I haven't seen a dead mans switch in over 15 years. They were easy to defeat, a lot of people just put a brick that they carried on top of them. Now it is all electronic. The crew alerter replaced the dead man switch.You have to manually activate it. You can't just put a weight on it. I work out of that largest switchyard in the world! lol. Usually, they refuel in KC, and then again in NOP. That gets them to Wyoming and back. They actually use more diesel than the military. The camera thing really ticks me off. It's like they don't trust me all of a sudden after 20 years of employment. It's no
  12. The company already knows exactly what I do 100 percent of the time thru computer monitoring. They know every movement I make with every switch and button and lever. It is all available thru uploading on GPS units on our train. They can download it and see real time exactly what the fuck I am doing. WHY the fuck, would they want cameras pointed at me also? Jesus fucking christ. I envy the guys that are retiring now. They are getting out while the gitting is good. God DAMN IT! THIS PISSES ME OFF! MOTHER FUCKER! this pisses me off. I am a trained professional. 20 fucking years of experience. WHA
  13. And Chevydude, if you ever have an issue, I hope that I can share some empathy, instead of apathy.
  14. What fantasy world are you living in? The railroad is the entity that gave everyone else a 40 hour work week. I work up to 12 hours on the way to my destination, spend (legally - Federal) 10 hours in the hotel at the far end, Works out to be 16 - 20 hours lately, then up to 12 hours on the way back. I not bitching about that. I'm bitching about a fucking camera that records every fucking thing I do for up to 12 hours at a time. I work more in 2 weeks than you do all month. I put in more hours in ONE FUCKING trip, than you work all week. And you don't have a camera pointed at you all the fuckin
  15. We don't get any breaks. We haul the shit from one place to another. Sorry to be so sarcastic above, but WE DO NOT GET BREAKS. There are certian sections of track where I know there aren't any crossings, so I run down to the toilet, piss as fast as I can and run back up to the controls.That's just the way it is. By the way, there is an alerter, that if you don't acknowledge every few seconds, it will stop the train. I have to piss before it goes off. Once these cameras go into effect, I might as well stop the train, go down and piss, go off the property to smoke, then start it up again. Whole
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