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  1. I had the same problem with mine. I spent close to 200 hundred dollars on various accessories, mods, and mags trying to solve the problem. I finally solved my problem by adding a fourth gas port. I had previously expanded my 3 ports to 3/32(.09) but it didn't solve the issue. So I added a 4th hole with a 5/64 drill bit and now it shoots cheap ammo. I would not suggest this method for everyone but if all else fails you may have to. I still keep buck or slugs for hd but I use the cheap stuff for weekend fun
  2. I'm sure there will be extra stress on the gun but that is just the price to pay in order to successfully shoot cheap ammo( in my case). What I meant by the regulator toning down was that it would prevent the carrier from slamming into the back of the receiver which can cause damage. Since adding the fourth hole I've shot about 100 rounds from the shoulder with no fte. And considering I've spent hundreds of dollars, many hours, tried everything to fix this problem, and was at the point of giving up on it I am willing to take the extra wear. This might not be the best solution for everyone but I'm just glad to finally have it functioning.
  3. Ok so the 4th port really helped. I went out and shot some with no fte when fired from the shoulder. Still have some when hip firing. I'm gonna get some slugs and buckshot to make sure my new regulator can tone the gas down with those shells. If so I may open the 4th port up a bit to help with hip firing.
  4. Ok so I got bored today decided to do some more work on my s20. I took the gas block back off and drilled another gas port. So it now has 3 holes at .09(3/32) and 1 small hole at .07(5/64). Hopefully this extra port will give enough gas now. It probably overgassed now but I have a 6 position regulator that i can tone it down some with. Ill shoot tomorrow hopefully and ill post a report and see if this helped
  5. Yeah I've tried pretty much everything I can think of. I had a 410 and had the same issue also. I really think that it's just the design of the system. The 20 and 410 just don't create enough pressure to consistently fire bulk ammo. Now that prices are coming back down ill just stock up on buckshot.
  6. I took the slide fire stock off and put a fixed stock on it. I also put the original hammer back in it. It will shoot Federal bulk ok as long as pull it back against my shoulder tightly. If I try to rapid fire it still has problems ejecting. It loads the next shell but the spent shell gets caught it the reciever somehow
  7. I've probably shot 400 rounds through it so it's good and broken in.
  8. Has anyone had any luck getting the s20 to fire cheap bulk ammo. I know the reliability kits and a few other mods seem to help the S12s but they haven't helped my S20 and that seems to be true for a lot of people. Just curious if im missing something or if it is more difficult in the 20 gauge than the 12. My S20 has plenty of Gas (4 holes all unobstructed) its probably over gassed actually but it still FTEs Winchester bulk ammo (walmart special). It has lighter spring, gas puck with a tail and 6 position gas regulator also. so its either the trigger profile, the mags, or just that light 20gauge ammo doesn't have enough oomph to move the bolt consistently.
  9. It is really easy and there are videos on youtube that will walk you through the process. $700 is a ripoff. parts cost between $70 and $300(depending on the stock set) and it can be converted in about 30 minutes to an hour (depending on your ability). As far as the FTEs go I have the same problem and I've tried everything to fix it. I don't think it is the gun I think it is the inconsistency of the cheaper rounds. some will eject 15ft and other will barely move the bolt. let me know if you find a cure other than buckshot and slugs. I think im just gonna start loading my own shells.
  10. I have a slide fire stock on my s12 currently. I would really like to be able to alternate this stock with a folding stock and pistol grip. the problem I have is that the SF stock screw is vertical and the pistol grip screw is at an angle. are there any pistol grips that have straight (vertical) screws? i currently have a Hogue grip but the bolt is much larger and at an angle.
  11. I sold my 410 and the guy didn't want to pay for the drum so if anybody is interested in buying it I will sell it for $100. It is like new I only fired about 100 shells through it. No fitting or other mods were done to it.
  12. I just got 2 of these today. That have a really snug fit with no wobble. When hand cycling the shells get stuck on the shell below it which made think there was a problem but when I loaded it up a shot it they woked perfectly. So far it seems like a good quality product.
  13. So i have been having ejection problems with non slug or buck shot ammo. I had tried everything. i adjusted the gas block, fixed the gas ports, polished the bolt, installed lighter spring and gas puck with a tail on it and still fte 90% of the time. so today i noticed that the place where there is friction during recoil is where the bcg passed over the hammer when moving reward. So i put the factory hammer back in the gun and removed the tapco one and BAM! NO MORE FTEs. the tapco hammer is significantly higher than the factory and i guess it was killing all the backwards momentum causing fte. Hope this helps someone having the similar problems!
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