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  1. FYI: support@tac47.com 4:15 PM (12 minutes ago) Yes and the 410 as well. Best Regards, Justin -----Original Message----- From: Tac-47 Support [mailto:support@tac47.com] Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2013 10:38 PM To: support Subject: Contact Form Name: Jody Rex E-mail: Telephone: Comment: Tac 47, I have an S20 and have read one topic on the saiga-12.com forum that your auto gas plug works on his shotgun. All of the other information I've read states that it is for an S12. Can you confirm that it works on the S20? All the best, Jody Rex
  2. I am getting into reloading and reading as much as possible on casting. Do you use different dies for reloading the bullets you cast vs. the jacketed bullets bought from manufacturers? It seems like the molds make bullets that are sliiiightly bigger in diameter and I read that some dies don't like them.
  3. I would love to try out some dragons breath shells in a used, budget shotgun. I'm not curious enough to fire one in my Saiga though.
  4. Thanks for the tips GunFun. I've been looking at casting as well just in case people lose their minds and buy up ALL of the ammo. I would like to continue making trips to the range until ammo flows freely again. Hi Ed! My stepbrother lives in Monroe so we should catch up some time at the range. The high cap mags can be challenging to rock-and-lock so I usually pull the bolt back with my right hand and insert the mag with my left hand. Be careful using gas setting #2 with heavy buckshot and slug loads. I've read that it can cause damage that will eventually warp the cover. I c
  5. Yep, #3 buckshot is supposed to pattern well in 20 gauge shells b/c of the fit in the shell so I'm going to give reloading with this size pellet a shot. The youtube videos I have watched so far show 20 pellets with five alternating stacks of four pellets in a shot cup with some buffer. A 25 lb bag of #3 should reload 375 shells if my math is right. 20 pellets comes out to about an ounce of lead shot and the data from Hodgdon estimates 1220 fps with 18 grains of Longshot powder. I'm a complete noob at reloading so steer me in another direction if there are other/better ways to go about it.
  6. #3 buck. I looked at 000 and 00 first b/c there is a lot more info on those two loads but then I discovered that #3 buck is more common in 20 gauge shells due to the size of the pellets and the way they stack. Precision Reloading sells #3 buckshot but they are currently sold out. I ordered a 25 lb bag anyway so hopefully it will arrive in a few weeks. The Lee Load All press should be here in one to two months.
  7. I took my precious, and my lady, to the range today for testing. A local shop in Charlotte converted it using FCG parts from CSS and the ATI adjustable stock w/ scorpion pistol grip. I brought the factory 2.75 in. mag, the clear 13-round aftermarket mag and the CSSpecs 10-round mag. The range is indoor so I was limited to slugs. I had five boxes of two different types of Remmington Sluggers: 1. 1/2 oz. high velocity rifled slugs 2. 5/8 oz. hollow point rifled slugs The 5/8 oz slugs fired with no problem at gas setting 1. All 25 ejected from all mags with no FTE's. The 1/2 oz s
  8. The cost of 25 lbs of buckshot has gone up (at Precision Reloading)! haha Thanks again for sharing your experience and links to information.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I have been looking at the Lee Load-All press and Hodgdon Longshot powder for shotshells and 9mm. The HS-6 powder has gotten good reviews and the Longshot appears to be more potent, thus requiring less per round. The Alliant powders seem popular as well for quality and safety due to the different colored flakes that identify the type of powder. I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty with the first batch of buckshot loads.
  10. Will do! I may be able to save somebody 40 bucks from my experience so far. I ordered a FCG for my conversion and it needed a different trigger guard for the pistol grip. Keep that in mind when ordering parts.
  11. There were issues with my scorpion pistol grip as well. Here is an image of the top of the pistol grip that shows the angle of the screw that attaches it to the receiver. Here is an image of the trigger group moved forward. The gunsmith suggested getting a new trigger guard with an angled piece of metal that will accept the screw from the pistol grip or get an adapter that fits in the rectangular hole in the receiver that will provide a piece of metal to bolt the pistol grip to. Has anyone used these two methods and are there other suggestions besides drilling an angled ho
  12. Thanks for the feedback fellas. That's exactly what I was seeing after adding a Lee Load-All press, 250 wads, 1000 primers and 5 lbs of 000 buckshot to the cart. I don't know enough about the craft to enjoy it yet and I'm definitely going to take my time learning since there is little advantage price wise at the moment. That could easily change which is another motivator to get into reloading. Do you melt down your own lead too and if so, what are some good sources of information?
  13. I am researching the cost of 20 gauge buckshot and slugs vs reloading. A pound (~450 grams) of Hodgdon HS-6 at Precision Reloading is 21 dollars plus 35 dollars for the hazmat fee. This will make 22 shells @ ~20 grams per shell according to their datasheet. 25 buckshot or slug shells is about 25 dollars so what am I doing wrong? Edit: I may have made a noob mistake and confused grains with grams in the reloading datasheets. That would have made a big difference in the number of shells that can be reloaded with one pound of powder. hehe
  14. Thank you to all the contributors on this forum for the wealth of knowledge on maintenance, parts, mods and ammo reviews. I knew I wanted a Saiga shotgun before finding this forum and now I appreciate it even more. While browsing through the site, I've picked up on some do's/do not's and thought a thread for the most common do not's would be nice. Is anyone up for sharing some experiences so we can avoid the most common mistakes when converting a Saiga?
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