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  1. best thing is to leave it stock for now shoot it with all types of shells you are going to use see how it performs, then do theconversion, don't start changing parts because you wont know were you problems are 98% are not right and don't function out of the box. but don't get discouraged when it not right. these guns are not right from factory they weren't made to shoot low brass loads, that said. you want to tune for cheap stuff shell then you have no problems with good stuff. get it shooting well as is. then add part shoot it, if performs well, add another test it etc... fro
  2. here pic fo my gun setup sight are not up though.
  3. well barrel shrouds usually are 3 pieces front middle rear either press fit or set screws depends what brand and what looks like you could remove rear piece and grind it down 1/4 to 1/2 or remove middle dosame.it not difficult to do. link to what shroud you have ?
  4. well post pic. what going on with shroud so we can see.. sounds like you have auto plug installed ok
  5. i thought about putting original hammer back in.... i did it have not shot is yet. when i do it i will post my results. then might take it back out and polish it a bit too? i have left my tapco g2 single hook trigger in and changed just hammer it was cake took all of 5 min.
  6. well ok, just spring would be bad idea to have its cheap fix if works ,it could a friction problem too ... do some polishing rails ,hammer bolt carrier get them to run smooth by hand cycle it just don't put lot of parts all at once add part then shoot test if better keep if not remove it etc.... if its still under warranty send back to them to look at. all else fails pull gas block step up gas port size one size test and so on . maybe needs another port? do easy stuff first polish, spring ect ... test, retest you will get , at least it runs most of time so you a head o
  7. welcome what kind shells are using brand, fps, etc..... if using Winchester walmart bulk pack this is problem, try federal pack only shoot 1200fps and higher. knowledge is power read threads they will help, search tool
  8. optic rail does have to be removed this is wrong.
  9. if run great now, I would wait till you do conversion and see what you got see hows runs after conversion trigger feels much different from non to converted gun to many parts you get lost if there is a problem in my opinion.
  10. bobabuee

    Saiga Recoil!

    no , just don't use the recoil buffer pad they are no good... I use ati scorpion grip and ace 1 inch pad on aluminum Skeleton stock folder with small amount recoil no mussel brake yet.
  11. yep, not hard just take your time, if was me I would keep stock spring in there vs the performance one unless your stock spring is weak, I would convert it and see how it runs before changing springs ect.... check out gunfuns signature and don't run walmart Winchester bulk pack it crap when you test...... small steps add a item test.... dont change to much at one time so you know what you added that did not work, go back to what did work. ask us ? were here help no matter how dumb you think they are. good luck and enjoy doing it yourself...... dont forget the locktite o
  12. not trying to sound like di_k. convert the thing and all problems solved its trigger, finger guard grip, stock, maybe puc. you spent money for pauly do his thing with your bolt carrier. whats another 100.00 to 200.00 depending what kit you but and your time. you spent 100.00 on a 8 round mag? but don't want to do conversion to shoot with 8,10,more size mags its not hard its easy if you own drill & drill bits and maybe dremel tool and some time maybe 2hr max and another 1.5hr reading how to do it and watching videos. its easy ,were all here to help...if run into a
  13. sgm's for plastic mags win hands down. i have 6 10 round mags no problems, Csspecs mags for metal new but reasonable price quality product.
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