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  1. I ordered in Jan #8814 and cannot track it or check my status on their website.
  2. Not bad. Cheaper than dirt had a plain flat top bushmaster for 2500. Gouging on that one. Ctd can suck it.lol.
  3. One promag 20,2 MD 20s shipped Monday,I back ordered 3 10 rnd agps a month ago.
  4. Just read your sign. You are a library within a post and are very helpful. Thanks for posting on my topic. You could have just wrote blah and I would have gathered a lot of info.
  5. I appreciate the info gun fun. I know I am new to this but I did some homework, will do 1&3 before I start getting bore hole crazy. I have no problem wasting 2 3/4 ammo anyways since I think that is what I and this gun can do very well. I also had to order the puck to be 922r compliant, still will not until the brake gets shipped too. Being a realist is not bombtastic and I just hope 1 and 3 work, if not I will have to get the micrometer out. I like tinkering with things so this will definately be a fun adventure and will update the progress as I go.
  6. I read them. The port holes are different in every gun there are 2,3 and 4 people bore them differently. I am also going to polish the bolt carrier and bolt. Others have hammer issues from what I read there are a lot of things that are different and work on different guns. My gas tube might not be the right size. Heck there might be some Russians finger nail in there. I also could write lone star a check and send my gun. I think spending 77 dollars for parts is cheap after I spent 800 on gun and 387 on drums. So the lil parts aren't much and the effect on game load can't get worse since I do believe it is under gassed and the light shells only kicked the bolt halfway back. At least I can try the booster puck on stock plug and if that doesn't work then I will read a lot of stickies and I feel I already have. When I do go out and shoot next the bolt carrier and bolt will be polished and that might solve itself. I doubt it though.Not really concerned about it cause the 1100 is the bird killer and the buckshot will be ran through this,just would like it to fire both. Thanks for the advice though.
  7. Went to the range with oobuckshot and game load. The saiga shot the buck perfect on both settings. On the game load it never cycled a round on either gas setting. Last week I ordered the tac47 auto gas plug and the MD stainless piston from the saiga12 store. I also ordered the booster piston from MD. I hope that solves the game load shot problem. I loved the way it shot it took its spot as my favorite gun in my safe. I have a promag 20 round drum that worked well. No jams with the buckshot, I also ordered 2 MD 20 round drums just waiting for those to come in as well. Since my gun now has 60 shots through it should I install the booster or stainless piston when it gets here. I also blew up the cheap plastic screw on break at the end. That post didn't even make it through ten shots. My friend got it on video through his phone. Well guys I am a very satisfied saiga owner. I meant posnot post on my post. Auto correct is a fail sometimes.
  8. Yes I am looking for a shroud that will let me keep my brake. If anyone has any input please post. I don't want to buy one then cut it. Emailed alumalite twice in three weeks. Plus I bet he is running around like a crazy person right now.
  9. Ordered two today. Now I will gladly sell my promag 20.
  10. I just trolled this website for a day. And have sponged a lot of info on saigas. I bought mine when I was looking for an ak saw a saiga much cheaper and bought it. I also got the tapco stock there at the store, I see a lot of hating on it but that's OK I'll see how it holds up before I get something else. Ordered Red jackets mojo 12 break and will now polish the bolt carrier and bolt. If anybody has any new suggestions what I should do before firing I would like to hear it. This site is very informative and seems to be very helpful to others which is awesome. Thank you for having such a great place to share and relate about a common hobby we all enjoy. I will be posting so get used to German sausage.
  11. I hope there are a lot of black mags ordered and not so many dark earths so my brown ones can get here'
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