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  1. ...are you sure its the front sight block? I ask this specifically because mine actually had the rear sight canted on the dust cover and it was pretty easy to smack it with a hammer until it got straight enough.
  2. Rhodes, since weight is a concern, have you considered an ar in 6.8 spc or maybe 6.5 grendel? More power than a 556, and basically the same weight. I built a 6.8 as a hunting gun and absolutely love it. Its my 2nd favorite in my little collection, only to the x39 saiga.
  3. I have a manticore arms flash hider for my sgl 21, it works really well. It stayed on the rifle for the longest time until i decided id rather be able to attach a bayonet using the 74 style brake.
  4. Seriously though, that pipe insulation tape works well. Could bump fire 4 mags before i decided to use the forward grip, and that was just a comfort call, not an ouch call.
  5. How much room do you have between the inside diameter of the handguard and outside diameter of the barrel? If i were you i would take a short trip to lowes and buy some "frost king pipe insulation tape". Thatll do ya, if itll fit.
  6. If i had that much coin to throw at an ak i would be lookin for a used arsenal. Not long ago prices had come down to 900$ or so for a new factory side folder.
  7. Early on i got a grip pod but now it sits in a box bc it really doesn't act as a grip or bipod really well in my opinion.
  8. I think I'm with darth on this one. I think all you really need is a hand stop, vfgs and afgs add unneeded weight imo, and using the stubby grip as a hand stop works really well.
  9. ...so that's what other government's money looks like at work....
  10. I have slapped holosuns on almost all my non variable scoped uppers, i got the 505c and the 515c. Gotta love the circle dot reticle and solar power! So far, they have held up very well.
  11. Very true, itd just be nice to standardize a little more caliber wise.
  12. Not seeing any subs on their site. Actually, im not seeing any ammo available at all on their site. Its tac47 .com right?
  13. Wait...who here has x39 subs...in stock? Seriously, if i can get x39 subs my 300blk ar upper just got expendable.
  14. Most people who choose to convert use a us made trigger group (3parts), a us made buttstock (1part), and a us made pistol grip (1part). Then after installing the bullet guide and filing down the mag catch you can run regular ak mags without running afoul of 922r. If you choose not to convert but wish to run hi cap mags, you can still use 2 out of 3 us made trigger group parts, and swap out the stock and handguard. To my knowledge, govco does not consider a standard saiga sporter to have a "muzzle device" or shroud on it so to speak, so you are adding a us made part that wont reduce the overall
  15. I use 40mm cans for my 7.62x39 since i have more of that than any other caliber. I use regular 50cal cans for my 556, 1k rounds of wolf gold fits with a little bit of ingenuity. 50cal cans get used for 22lr, 12g, and 308 as well. For all my oddball rounds (300blk, 6.8spc, etc) i use 30cal cans simply because i have no intention of stocking heavily on them. E.t.a. i recently had the extreme displeasure of having the upstairs kitchen sink spring a leak that went unchecked for a couple weeks. Guess where all my stuff is stored? You got it, directly beneath the kitchen sink downstairs. Nothing
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