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  1. Thanks for the info. I noticed when I donned the mask that there was a noticeable amount of resistance to breathing. I assume this is normal? The current mask on it is old and expired I know, but does this explain the resistance or are all filters like that? Kinda makes a guy feel claustrophobic.
  2. Gas mask received today in near mint condition. Thanks for the speedy shipping and sweet deal. One question though, what's the folded plastic bag for?
  3. This is why I got rid of my G2s. I experienced the problem with every one of them. The RSA has worked very nicely since then, but it will require modification in most Saigas. Here's one of mine: Notice that the top of the adjustment hole for the screw in the disconnector is plugged. It will work loose if you don't do something. I found the adjustment I wanted, red-loctited it, and then filled the top of the hole with JB Weld. Here's someone else's RSA FCG without the removal of the pre-travel adjustment area: Their rivet is further back than where the hole for it is in the Saig
  4. Would this fit my 7.62 saiga rifle? Is any to run a Ultimak gas tube rail with a tri lower
  5. Yes, please. I have one of these enroute for my conversion of my Saiga 7.62 and am hoping it is just a simple drop in as I am no gunsmith.
  6. Is the choas rail the Saiga 7.62 specific model? I'm intersted. I have a new sporter model that I'm converting. Thanks, Dan
  7. The overall point should be here... The guy or company trying to sell these mags at such an inflated price, even way above current market values is simply wasting his time and making himself look like the price gouging fool he is. His ad speaks for him. No one in their right mind will buy these... At least a that price at this point in time. I've paid more than I should for my recent purchases, but the items were at current market value and better at least. Shame on me though for waiting till the shit shit the fan.
  8. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Semper299" data-cid="860926" data-time="1360337617"><p> I have same Saiga. The BHO only works if you engage it. IMHO, it is worthless and gets in my way. I did not reinstall it, and will never miss it.<br /> <br /> When you remove the old trigger guard, the bottom of the receiver will need to be painted. Most people use Dupli-Color Engine Enamel Low Gloss Black DE1634. It seems to be the best match to the factory paint. Get it at your local automotive store.<br /> <br /> The holes left in the receiver afte
  9. Does need the buttstock tang intact to fit? Thanks, Dan
  10. Thanks for the info. MUCH appreciated! I will be using the RSA trigger btw.
  11. I think I'm leaning towards the Midwest Industries rail set up now. I see they have a specific Saiga version. Do I NEED to get this one or can I get any of their other models? They talk it being for models without an end cap and I have no idea if I have one or not. Can someone clear this up for me? I know these AK's shouldn't be this confusing, but dang, I must be a little slow lately. Thanks, Dan
  12. I think I've decided to go with the Ultimak top gas tube/rail replacement for my optic. Does ANYONE have any idea if this would be compatible with the Midwest Industries lower trirail handguard? What other handguards IS the Ultimak compatible with? Also, I want to run a UTG stubby folder PG on the lower rail AND a light of some sort... most likely a Surefire or other similar light with a pressure switch. Anyone know if there's room for both on the lower rail or what length rail I would need to accommodate both? Thanks, Dan EDIT- MWI just emailed me... NO it won't these will not wo
  13. All very interesting comments and feedback here. I basically bought my AK for CQC with the intention of a red dot at the most. If I want to snipe something or hunt it with intent, that's what I have my AR or larger caliber rifles for. I'll see just how's accurate my AK is after the conversion which includes a RSA trigger group. Hopefully this will help my overall accuracy.
  14. Well I just got the gun and am in the process of converting it. My GF has one as well that's not converted... Yet... That I've had at the range and have played with. Of course I've done my share of mag dumps on my AR My AK will most def be a real world working pre/active/post zombie Appocalypse gun and not a Hollywood prop gun with everything known to man strapped, taped and welded onto it! Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated all.
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