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  1. American Rifleman has a GREAT "standing guard" article in their February issue about the nuclear option. It is amazing what feinstein and obama had to say about the proposed loss of the filibuster in 2005. feinstein said "ENDING THE FILIBUSTER WILL TURN THE SENATE INTO A BODY THAT COULD HAVE IT'S RULES BROKEN AT ANY TIME BY A MAJORITY OF SENATORS UNHAPPY WITH ANY POSITION TAKEN BY THE MINORITY. IT BEGINS WITH JUDICIAL NOMINATION. NEXT,WILL BE EXECUTIVE APPOINTMENTS. AND THEN, LEGISLATION. obama is quoted "ALTERATION OF THE FILIBUSTER RULE WOULD CHANGE THE CHARACTER OF THE SENATE FOREVER" crea
  2. Boiled eggs washed down with beer are a deadly combo for me!
  3. One of my favorite movies of all time and it definitely signifies the beginning of the holiday season to me! I love it when it is on all day long.
  4. Jpanzer and Rhodes1968, two of the most "common sense" posts I have ever read! I am 100% on the same page as Rhodes. This has happened to every civilized culture since creation, yet we ignore the history???? Jpanzer is simply illustrating how easy it is to brain wash and control the masses in our "great" age of technology. Attack of the church dynamic and acceptance there of, will be our demise. The BIBLE and history has shown us countless times what happens when we neglect or turn our back to GOD.
  5. PLEASE read this link before thinking of "shipping" to yourself!!! What a nightmare! http://gulfcoastgunforum.com/showthread.php?12880-Beware-of-FedEx!-My-month-long-nightmare
  6. I have watched this video numerous times on youtube, had no clue it was a members. I just recently bought my second S12 and want to short barrel it. This is by far one of the shortest I have seen. Can we get some close up pics and more detail as to what all has been modded please.
  7. I live in Orange Beach. We should hit the range sometime! Are you a member on GCGF?
  8. ALIVE!!!! We have to have the intel or at least the reasoning behind their actions. Too many things are a coincident and seem fishy, what did they hope to gain from this and who are they fighting for or against????? Glad most of the responders here aren't cops, unfortunately, most cops have the same attitudes as a few on here and are too trigger happy or abuse their job. I cringed at the post of a soldier being ARRESTED for "rudely carrying a firearm"!!!! The Sargent actually said "we are EXEMPT from the law"!!!!!!!! ALSO, who else was watching earlier today when a lone gunshot rang out on li
  9. I ordered all my conversion parts from these guys and they showed up at my door less than a week later!!! Great company and quality parts!!. I wish I would have checked this forum before my order for the promotion code though.
  10. Ordered a couple MD20s and they came in within a few days of my order date!! These drums are awesome!!! They fit tight, don't wobble and came with three backplates. Wish I wouldn't have wasted my money on the promag and ordered another MD20. Top notch quality and company!!!
  11. Cool post! Thanks for taking the extra time to do a good "human" job. Hard to find people who take pride in their work these days. They are out there, but you have to go through ten 1/2 asses to find the good guys???? Good luck!!
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