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  1. mike456

    vepr12 ammo

    what is win AA?
  2. mike456

    vepr12 ammo

    need to buy target ammo, do not want cycling issues ftf fte, what should i get?
  3. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/03/02/breaking-russian-molot-bankrupt-will-sold/
  4. that drum looks gigantic, they couldnt get 30+ in that monster?
  5. was online hunting around, looks like they arent offered with the welded folding stock, fixed stock only, anyone know where i can get a welded folding stock version nib?
  6. i apologize for the photo angles, first two identify the connection to the pin at rear site, third at rear connection, fourth is a little hard to make out but there are several "set screws" that adjust from chaos to dust cover(one is missing)
  7. i have the rail, didnt notice it heating up, only had had the gun at range one day, ill go back one of these weekends and test it out for you
  8. yes rear site stays, a longer pin is provided cause the rail ends fork around the site on either side making it wider
  9. uses the the rear right pin, lock to the guide rod button, and have screw in tensioners
  10. the AKARS looks like the same setup i have with the chaos dust cover rail?
  11. It seems incorrect to mount the scope to a part of the gun that's not fixed in place and doesn't move. What are your thoughts, I have a little red dot site, where should I mount it and why?
  12. What is this? Does anyone have a picture so I can see the difference between my gun and a 3 hole?
  13. Heritage Guild, Easton PA (they have two other location, at least one is in jersey) I called the manager 3 times this week, left voicemails, sent emails to the branch, can't get in contact to find out what the ammo issue is indoor range I'm in love with the gun
  14. so i finished my build and took the gun to range the range "cop" or "warden" wouldn't let me fire golden tiger? couldnt understand what he said and why? then the same little shit told me my 380 ammo was throwing sparks too far and i couldnt use that either heritage guild in easton, pa FUCK YOU! gun shot like a dream, probably put 300 rounds through it flawlessly, one of the range cops shot it, said he was impressed and that it reminded him of an AR id like to thank everyone here for their input and assistance with the build, your help was invaluable, i couldn't be happier with the saiga. 3 more to go
  15. anyone have experience with their ARs?
  16. what is the bolt hold open tab? what's its purpose?
  17. bullet guide is done, just filed down an ak magazine and installed, when i pull back the bolt as if to load a round into chamber(magazine empty) the bolt doesnt slide all the way back forward, seems to get hung up on mag? when i release the mag the bolt then shoots forward? is it supposed to lock open after last round is fired?
  18. what does cowitness mean?
  19. I was told driving is a privilege, not a right. same as gun ownership
  20. why is it identified as an AR style high mount, and is that what i would want? Vortex Optics SPARC 2 Red Dot MOA (SPC-402), Black, AR 15 Scope (High Mount)
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