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  1. Captken, I thought long and hard about your statement and couldnt understand why mine would be different because the safety isnt moved during a conversion. With that in mind, mine must have been wrong before I did the conversion, however, I bought my gun brand new in the box. I have a AK and keep a few parts around, I found another cover for my AK so I could mount an optic if I so desire. To my shock when I got to looking at the two covers the opening for the bolt is much smaller on the aftermarket one for my AK. I put the aftermarket one on my Saiga and the safety hits perfectly now. Im left wondering why my gun has the wrong cover on it??? I'll post a pic of below. Mke, thanks for the warm welcome to the forum. As I was not expecting the red carpet treatment I surely wasnt expecting to get beatup and walk away with a black eye for mentioning what seemed to be a serious safety issue. I feel it was reasonable to question the manufacture of a product, if in fact that product didnt address an issue with the safety that is caused by their product. As it turns out the kit did not cause this issue but that is not the point now. Maybe in the futrue you should use language a little more appropriate. Maybe you should try meditation an release some of that anger or hook up with your ole lady for some late night execersise and release some tention? WOW, +1 , get lost........ are you all kidding? I really hope you two are the exception and not the rule on this forum site.
  2. Is it just me or is this a huge issue. I mean this is the safety and it should work flawlessly.There must be thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people that have converted their Saiga and seems their confortable with the operation of the safety in its new postion. When a person buys a conversion kit from Carolina Shooter Supply, like I did, it should come with a new safety leaver that has a new bent over area that will work in the new position. I am having trouble taking in the fact that no one else has a problem with this.
  3. Here are some pics of my Sagia issue and a pic of my AK47 as a reference to show how it should stop on the top cover.
  4. I recently converted my saiga 12 after watching many vids on youtube. Everything worked out great once I bought a tac47 gas plug. Now I can run low brass ammo all day without a single jam. My issue is with the safety when in the safe position. It moves up to far and can allow the bolt to go under it if your not watching out. Seems there needs to be a piece that sticks out so it hits the dust cover on the top. This is how my AK47 is and the sagia was until everything got moved up with the conversion. I thought I might find someone doing custom safety work by tigging on a arm to act as a stop but after some time on google I cant find anyone doing this. Anyone out there have any ideas? This is my first post and I did some searching on this forum and didnt find any answers so sorry if there is already posts on this topic. I just couldnt find anything. Thanks for looking,
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