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  1. I recently got my non stock mags for my Gen 1 Saiga. I havent fired it yet, but after loading the 5RD Mag into the gun with the bolt closed (no BHO). I find it pretty hard to charge. After Pulling back the Bolt I noticed it left a small groove in the shell. judging from the amount of force required to charge it I am just going to guess it won't cycle. Has anybody experienced something similar to this? Is there anything I can do? I have a Gen 1 unconverted Saiga 410. The factory mags work just fine. I am using 3" Winchester SuperX Slugs. Any advice would be helpful.





  2. @Kurokaze. That's kind of what I thought. Looks like that will be my next step.

    @akastormi. You are definitely correct in this. It just seems the gen 2 customization stuff is a lot easier to find.


    I am just being lazy and didn't want to get too mechanical in the conversion. I'll take alook at replacing the trigger group and see how comfortable I am with that. Thanks for the info I appreciate it.

  3. I recently purchased a Saiga .410 from a private owner and was interested in doing some conversion to it and found out about the 922r compliance issues. I am a hunter and thats what I intend to use this shotgun for. I have a Gen 1 .410 stamped '94 so it has the nonadjustable gas plug and only fires the 3" shells. I only plan on using the 4 rd factory magazines as I have 3 of them but I do appreciate the form factor and ergonomics of an adjustable stock and pistol grip. Now from what I have read, the minute I throw a pistol grip on the gun it is no longer considered a sporting rifle/shotgun and fallls under the 922r regulations. Because this is a Gen 1 Saiga .410 I am really limited to what I can add/replace to make it compliant with the rules. I have found many forearms for the Gen 2 Saiga; no such luck finding anything for this one.


    Any tips, leads, or help in my (mis)understanding would be greatly appreciated!



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