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  1. love my MK 1919 shoots great . and running OObuck is alot of ammo down range
  2. timmmyy

    fire bird

    Jim cash in hand , lets make this happen
  3. timmmyy

    fire bird

    That means it's not working 100 % , keep working on Jim you will get it
  4. timmmyy

    fire bird

    ok i give up on waiting on the mka drum
  5. timmmyy

    fire bird

    thanks Gunfun
  6. timmmyy

    fire bird

    jim looked on your site and could not fine it please pm me Thanks tim
  7. timmmyy

    fire bird

    jimmy you alive
  8. timmmyy

    fire bird

    when is your mka drum scheduled to come out.
  9. great deal on MKA 1919
  10. Buy from TOOTH AND NAIL and you will be happy with their product and they answer the phone on sunday
  11. timmmyy

    Mka drum

    jim spring is here , what up i need a drum
  12. thank you tooth andnail you great on keeping up on upgrades, i love this gun
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