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  1. Nice work, Matt ! Keep us posted, I would love to stop by and shoot with you guys sometime. Are armory tours included?
  2. Matt, Any pictures of the feedramp upgrade? What does it cost?
  3. Yes Indeed. Review your post, Or not... You are leaving a bad impression in your wake. I love the FB product line, But your post are making me want to steer clear. If you don't get that, Cool. - Swagger on, And don't step on your own junk. L and OUT!
  4. So why not let your products speak for themselves instead of engaging in an on-line pissing match?
  5. Wrap it in tape, Then bolt it on to the bolt catch and mark where it's touching. Take it off the catch and clamp it in a vice (or other) to bend it, It takes enough force that it might stress the lower if you try to bend 'in place' in my opinion. Re-install and repeat. Mine took 3 good bends to get it where i wanted it.
  6. I dont like the cap setup either. I've thought about drilling a hole through it for a screwdriver or rod to slide through. The threads underneath look awful shallow to me, So a wrench would need to be used lightly or it could strip the rod.
  7. I used the AGP Arms Saiga-12 10 round spring, Cut to 13 turns in my Salem 6 extensions. It is near equal tension (at the last round) as the factory 10 round mag. Have not fired them yet, I will post some results when I do.
  8. Do any of you have experience with Rio's 00 / 00 low recoil buckshot loads in the MKA ? Seems like the best deal out there for blasting other than low buck target loads.
  9. Hard to photo black on black hardware, But try this-
  10. Mine needed a bend in 2 places to fit the MKA 1919. Not difficult, But requires pliers and a little trial and error fitting.
  11. For the most part that is what's being done down here in Texas. But you have to realize there aren't many places or people who can handle processing several hundred hogs in a couple of days. No matter what it's not being done without purpose. Theses hogs are destroying farm land and food and vegetation for other more desirable wildlife and livestock. It needs to be done and it just happens to be fun. Thanks Cajundefense, We cull deer and geese up north for the same reasons. Glad to hear they are using the kills for food. The video's posted don't show that side of the operation.
  12. It would awesome if we harvested these hogs and helped to feed some kids who need help. I know that's not easy, But I hate to see any edible creature put down without purpose. Anyone on this board want to step up and see if it could be done?
  13. I think it's a great idea, Not sure where to start. The parts are not likely to bring much on the open market in the States, So they would almost have to go back to the manufacturer. -Mabey as service parts for 'stock' guns? I'm in if anyone has suggestions.
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