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  1. I think they will go up slowly I mean their will be no more and some of the nib ones will be shot or lost , stolon or confiscated and destroyed that being said yea im excited to have such a sweet ak to my collection

  2. Cool I think im getting a decent deal then its on the 2500 range shipped and insured.It really doesent matter anyway bc I want one I like rare and nice things and from what ive been reading the polytech legend in this condition is like the holy grail of the ak in the us

  3. So im looking at getting a polytech legend underfolder .it is unfired has all original stuff including 3 polytech mags with chrome followers.also has the box and insert it isjust like it came in 1989 .so what would be a top end price for this apparently they are pretty rare and very nice thax for the info fellas

  4. Its the original vepr 12 stock came with the gun only thing I did to gun were mags and the break and the handguard you can get it all at oleg website

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