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  1. Been doing alot of business with dubya and everything is always as posted and fast shipping . Not to mention great guy to deal with
  2. Jus a ballpark 3 gs without cing it could be more these days
  3. Yea sounds like it could be a nice one very hard to find id go det it checked out may have a valuable gun on ther hands
  4. Dam if its a real deal one that could be worth a pretty penny id have to have pics and numbers but easily in the thousands if it that early
  5. Well it depends the parts is a stg58 kit which with all mathing numbers is going for between 400 and 500 but it really depends on the type receiver it is andwho built the gun the rite reciever is going for 500 600 by itself so no real answer till you find out some more about Iit bud
  6. Well yea 4 hrs after I posted it of course it is
  7. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Shooting/Ammunition/Rimfire-Ammunition%7C/pc/104792580/c/104691780/sc/104536080/Winchester-22-LR-Ammunition/734723.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fcompare_items.jsp%3FentityId%3D1268289%26entityId%3D734723%26entityId%3D1214791%26entityId%3D1305049%26entityId%3D740162%26entityId%3D705570%26entityId%3D734676%26entityId%3D740059%26entityId%3D734725%26categoryIds%3D104792580%257C104691780%257C104536080 Back in stock if anybody needs 8 cents round after shipping better than most on the net
  8. http://www.gandermountain.com/modperl/product/catalog.cgi?cname=Rimfire-Ammunition&r=browse&aID=513C4 Gander mountain has few in stock that are not showing on gunbot
  9. Do you consider $32.99 for a 500 round, bulk box of Winchester .22LR a good deal? Nonot really but the 2100 wit ammo can for 100bucks I got with it more than made up for the difference
  10. No its not the best deal but these days gotta get what you can but the 2100 hundred rounds I got the same day from there for 100 bucks was a great deal and came with ammo can so that made up for the few extra bucks on the other. ^---------- Good luck with that. I've had a few thousand rounds of .22lr on order from Cabelas since Dec. Every month I get an email that they expect it to arrive next month, then next month etc......I dunno bout that but I got that and 2100 rounds same day and received it within 5 days so im happy and my lady got the same
  11. Nice I jus bought 1 looks like the one in the middle of your pic cant wait for paper work to clear so I can try her out
  12. Ive done business wit this man he is good to go very nice guy and quick to get ya shit to you
  13. Yea I was wondering about that also looks like they have to sit for 3 years then they can be sold all 5 of mine came wit that note and all had same date on them pretty interesting
  14. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/86145-cutting-the-tang/ Here you go this is what helped me decide
  15. Left side modular folder let me know if you want some closer pics
  16. I c that I went to get another and they were gone but I received 5 of them in the las week so im happy
  17. Yea received my bonesteel leftside folder with sling swivel las week and it is nice would highly recommend this product
  18. Natchez has sum 25cents a round hurry
  19. Cool thax guys jus checking they are solid as hell tho I will b getting few more
  20. So they all like this I highly doubt id however other than than that it fits nice and function s nice also feels alot stronger than rest of mine guess as long as it works well thats what matters
  21. Got my mags fri these r my first is it normal for the side of the mag that faces the barrel to not b like smooth and kinda rough looking I dunno jus looks odd to me especially for the price of them
  22. I know in the las few days me and my girl have gotten 2 of the ammo cans and few other 22lr for no more than 6 cents a piece shipped I will not support the gouders
  23. Hmm where to start two saiga 12s and cz58 and a fal stg58 and lots of ammo and accessories for all of them .there is a ton of more stuff to much to list the reason for all this is bc my state of md has decided to ban everything and make it impossible to get the legal stuff . So as long as I get everything before oct1 im good to go so thats what im doing lol.
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