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  1. Ive never seen one of these cant wait to get it in my hands heard so many great things about them . Also they are still available the pics not there but u can still order because I ordered 1 more, so I dont know who said they were outta stock?
  2. Let me know if you do my gf got a ar a month ago and doesnt have ammo
  3. Thats good these days most steel is going for 50 cents or more a round
  4. 1 of 21-4246 Winchester Rimfire Ammunition .22LR 37GR HP / 500 @ $32.99 eachIn stock-Approx delivery Mon 4/22 Theres part my email confirmation I jus received doesn't make sence y the link changed
  5. That sux now they changed it . That was a link for winchester 37 grain hp 500rounds for 33.00 guess I better call make sure it wasnt a F up
  6. Thats odd legion used usps for my order and it was sent out 12 hrs after I ordered pretty good if I say so myself
  7. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Shooting/Ammunition/Rimfire-Ammunition%7C/pc/104792580/c/104691780/sc/104536080/Winchester-22-LR-Ammunition/734723.uts Decent price on this if you need some reason gunbot isnt picking it up get it while you can wont be there long
  8. Yep got my tracking num today they on the way
  9. With free shipping also I had ordered a few a couple days ago from legion 109 alot better than 172 from kvar
  10. I like it simple but looks classy and saves your hand after 3 drum dumps Pm sent
  11. Yea thax for the sympathy guys guess im jus going to buy everything I ever wanted in the next few monthes before the bs starts lol .i cant move rite away maybe a year or so but im not staying in this state and contributing anything to them fucks .
  12. Welp another one bites the dust and now it fucks me . Yep md passed the gun control bill makeing us one the strictest hell we were all ready number 7 . Guess I will be moving to another more open minded state man im really pissed off.
  13. Jus got the afg for my saiga 12 tried both out and the other was to small for me but my girl liked it better but its not her gun lol
  14. Is the shroud screw onto the brake I thought it was all 1piece
  15. Looking good installed my titan other day luv it and go to bed dubya lol
  16. bigd1979

    magazine tab

    Yea I watched one on css you have to use sumthing to hold spring in place while you put the pin in
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