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  1. Just received a "brand new" Saiga 12, not sure if this is normal - but i noticed that when i tilt the gun back and forth, something is sliding back and forth in the foregrip or something. I know its not in the barrel or gas tube.... Also, does the gun get factory tested? I noticed there was a little bit of residue from an obvious use of at least 1 shell down the barrel. (Bought it ftf trade, didn't get the best look at it as it was pitch black outside in the middle of bfe - he said it was brand new but who knows right?) It seems like a minor thing, im overall happy i got it and can't wait
  2. I do not trust myself at all to convert a saiga 12, so im interested in knowing what the cost of a full conversion would be from a gunsmith or something. Trigger group moved forward, barrel cut down to 18 inches with a permanent muzzlebrake, pistol grip, new retractable stock, maybe a new quality trigger
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