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  1. Thanks MLR I should have done that sooner. I'll get on that tomorrow. Very frustrating, seems like I've had a black cloud following me lately.
  2. Talked to her the other day, she did not have any advice except to take legal action, after I asked if she could get in touch with him again. I would think that the department of justice would actually help everyone with some justice, but doesn't look like it for me. If anyone else in my same situation wants to get something else going as a group, I would be all for it. It's hard doing anything being literally across the country.
  3. Just spoke with the Oregon department of justice and apparently my parts are not among the ones they have. So Pauly, you told me twice that my parts were ready for shipping, where the hell are they! I sent you a label for shipping, why can't you just be done with this and send the damn thing!!! #623
  4. Label sent for #623 Glass bolt service Bolt, carrier, axis pin, fcg Check cashed 1-17-13
  5. Submitted a week ago and responded to by oregon department of justice.
  6. Good morning. Well today marks two years I've been without my parts. They were supposed to be ready for shipping and out that week according to pauly's last post, but that seems to not be the case. I feel I have been, along with everyone else, more than patient to wait TWO YEARS! So today I am starting to take the legal route to salvage what I can. This is an avenue I never want to take, but have a lot of resources at my disposal. Pauly if there was ever a time to get your shit together, it is now. I wish everyone on this forum the best and happy new year. #623
  7. #623 Not yet, I'm not getting my hopes up too much here. What was supposed to be shipped within the week with contact before shipping has gone to no contact in a couple weeks. Just ready to see them again. Will be 2 years in January. So if you are reading this pauly, I'm still in the same place, no change in address from when I sent it.
  8. I said no to sharing emails, only because the original deal was made over the phone in the beginning of 2013. I have no emails from him to share. Only 500 that were sent to him with no reply. It would be a yes if I had any emails to share.
  9. I believe the hesitation with legal action, is the possibility that it could be the nail in the coffin for all these parts return. I think most people, myself included, are still holding onto hope, sadly. 13 months today(623). Very curious about what happened to him, but it's hard not to be upset as well.
  10. Just want the parts back, 13 months on Monday.
  11. I'm coming up on 13 months wait for one glass bolt job and no response to calls or emails. How is it people are getting there's who have more to do and sent after mine?
  12. I'd like to think mine is soon, it's been one year yesterday. Sent several emails and calls to pay for shipping and nothing.
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