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  1. Thanks for looking but 4 topics up I found same problem. I did not look at them because I did not know what pinned meant. Thanks for looking
  2. Anyone ever seen this? Dent about half way back on shell case.the ones that did not have dents had the hole pealed back a little. None of them had both on same case. First time i've fired it since I moved the trigger. Was using saiga 30 round mag.
  3. After all the searching I did before I converted now this. I just droped the fcg yesterday. Everything feels good. But with my luck it will double fire. Glad I read this im going to shoot it in tomorrow . I will be carefull. To wait. On 2nd round to fire..
  4. Here it is. Sorry took me couple of days to post the pic. It was easer for me to move the fcg than it was to upload this pic, lol. Had some problems getting the bho back where it was suppost to be but other than that it was smooth. Cant wait to sight it in
  5. Is a stock photo I was showing my buddy in a attempt to get his help doing the trigger convers. An. Would have took a pic of mine but its stripped down. First timmer to saiga, first post in this comunity.hope I m not posting on wrong board. I have on order, should be here tomorrow. Tapco buttstock, 5 position with pistol grip. G2 fcg for mod saiga. Dustcover with weaver rail attached. The ftont foreward hand grip with rails all 4 sides (dont know real name) Front vertical grip with bipod built in. Bushnell scope with laser and light. Hope I can start moving trigger after wor
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