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  1. Fox News did an article on some author from the 1619 Project, who says the 2A is racist! :shocked:


    This is tooooo good!  Now Antifa/BLM are going to have to kill themselves because they are racist in their support of the 2A!


    Give them enough rope, and sooner or later they'll hang themselves!


    Don't know about you, but I think it's time to show them some real racism from the barrels of our racist guns!  Why do you think we call them race guns! :haha2:

  2. I've had to use a laser in defense.  Absolutely useful!  Putting that dot on a perps chest stops them dead! When they know they're toast they surrender real quick!  Got 2 perps, a bunch of stolen equipment back to owners, 10 oz of dope off the streets, and NO SHOTS FIRED!  I could keep the rifle in underarm assault position and leave my field of view clear to watch the perps, and still know where my weapon was pointed.  

    Also gave SWAT teams their first taste of what having laser is like, when they got it used on them during training.  They all wanted lasers after that!  Those old HeNe's were contankerous contraptions and not very bright, unlike the diodes of today. 

    Geese hate green lasers!   

  3. Anybody wonder what the little Y is ahead of the hammer pin hole?  If an AR is marked in any way over the auto sear hole, it becomes a machine gun.  The Y is the location of the auto sear pin hole.  The ATF has screwed up bigtime!  GOA has been informed.  The M70's are machine guns by the ATF's definition, and they don't know it yet!  Buy them while you can!  Let's make the ATF's mess as big as possible! 

  4. Just built up a 10.5' pistol, and 16" M4 with PSA uppers and Anderson lowers.  The upper on the M4 is slightly out of spec as to rear takedown pin hole. (fits real tight)  The 10.5 fits all the Andersons nicely.  Both uppers were factory proofed. (could tell by the brass pressed into the bolt faces from the 70Kpsi proof round)


    Comparing any of the 16" or less barrels to a full 20" A1 or A2 is noticeable in the sound signature.  The difference was like comparing the blast of a M4 to a .22LR.  I think some of it might be the difference between compensated and non-compensated flash hiders.  The SP1 was kicking up debris, and the M4 wasn't.

  5. Just put together the first of my Anderson lowers.  Found a gun shop that still had built uppers, and picked up a 10.5" and 16" M4 PSA upper.  All my lowers are "other" registered.  Built the pistol first, and used an ATI pistol buffer kit, and a S&W lower parts kit.  Found the ATI kit doesn't fit my Magpul wrench, so I used my Polychoke spanner to tighten.  It's kind of a fun novelty, but I don't see it as very useful.  But at least it's functional for now.  Have to shop tomorrow for a carbine buffer and stock to finish the other one.  Also need to look for slings and sights.

    Did clean the M4 upper tonight, and found a pretty dirty barrel and fine brass shavings around the ejector.  Looks like it was proof fired.  I'll clean the pistol in the morning.

    Pics when I get the chance.

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