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  1. For duck and goose, I ran with the old Federal 2 3/4" magnum steel loads in #2 for ducks, and BB for geese. (round is no longer made)  Ran a Ithaca Model 51 Featherlight with full choked 26" barrel.  Had quite a number of doubles (2 birds, 1 shot) with that gun.

    100 bucks for a duck stamp?  And then they wonder why poaching's a problem!

  2. Took him out to shoot it yesterday....He loves it!  Our accuracy sucked, as we were shooting toward a setting sun, and it was quite hard to see the bullseye, but hits showed up really well.

    He likes my SP1 even more!  I've created a monster!

    He likes the old school look over the new M4's, and also the sound.  I was even amazed at the difference in blast and signature between the barrel lengths.  The 20" barrel makes a lot larger and lower frequency blast than the 16".  Tommy the Commie (military E type target) didn't survive very long after we got sighted in, and started mag dumping on him.

    And today, he got to learn how to clean it and function check it.

    Lost one of my aluminum mags during the shoot.  Jams up every other round.  It's an old Cooper Industries.  The Magpul's ran without a hitch.

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  3. Well, he does want to run multiple calibers, and possible rifle length, so he'll be learning.  Plus I picked up a bunch of Anderson lowers to beat any bans.  I'll let him build one or two of them up.  He read the military M16A1 maintenance manual last night while looking over my Colt SP1 and M4.

    With potential weapons bans in the house and senate, it's probably wise to get any newbies into full weapons right away.  Spent another $130 on 10 PMAG's for him.

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  4. 13 hours ago, saltydecimator said:

    and remember, youtube is on fast track to destroy and limit knowledge of how to build stuff/ instruction videos... remember who the enemy is! and who they make friends with.... its hopefully gonna get froggy before we all end up in the hunger games, lolz

    It wouldn't be that hard to do a "drop in" FA trigger pack either.

  5. On ‎10‎/‎31‎/‎2018 at 10:46 AM, DLT said:

    Three to four waves formed now.  But not armed.  Still dangerous.  They rioted at the Mexican border yesterday when the Mexicans closed the gates.  They got violent and started throwing rocks at the federales.  They returned the gesture with tear gas. It's strange to see the Mexicans actually doing their job on their southern border.  You won't find any footage of that incident in our news though.  

    I doubt that any press would report on it.

  6. I heard yesterday a second wave has been formed and they've been armed by somebody.  Shit is about to get hot!  I heard they have rifles and hand grenades, maybe RPG's.  The Federales are running away and letting them pass.

    I think it's time to shoot them at the border!

    I think this might be the start of the civil war the libtards want.  If part of the Deep State is arming them, there need to be some heads rolling.

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  7. It could have gone on for years before it really becomes a problem.  In my father's case, it may have gone on 10-15 years before it became a problem.  The first we really knew something was wrong was when he had seizures.  Possibly related was the cleanup at the Rockwell plant where my father worked.  The machining coolant used was found to cause brain tumors.  A number of the machinists developed brain tumors.  My father was in the shop all the time doing time studies.

    After removal of my father's tumor, it was a 20 year decent into the hell of dementia until his death 2 years ago. 

    It certainly explains a whole lot of McCain's craziness in the last few years.

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