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  1. White gas is mainly naptha. The old gas I had stunk a bit in the heater, but no more than I remembered it. The newer stuff stinks quite a bit less.
  2. Well, a gallon of white gas will do the same as 4 1/2 propane cylinders, plus it stores well. I ran some that was forgotten for 40 years, and it still ran perfect. Good for prepping!
  3. Local retailers seem to be having problems getting Coleman Fuel/white gas. One I talked to said that it's been on order for the last 3 months. How are supplies in your area?
  4. I run a Leatherman Supertool 200. I need to start looking for a replacement as she's 18 and needing an overhaul. If I don't have hair on my forearm, you know how sharp she is. Found a nice Wave at a pawn shop for $30 that needed a little TLC. Looked like somebody's kid tried cutting bubble gum with it, and he didn't know how to sharpen it. Gave it an oil bath and some time on the Arkansas stones, and she looked like new. Gave it to my nephew for his bug out bag. I put a ST-300 into my vehicle emergency kit. It doesn't have the fine screwdriver that I need for audio connectors t
  5. I've had old/faulty ammunition problems in the past, but this is the first real mechanical problem that I've had since the weapon went runaway full auto from a gummed up firing pin. This rifle has been a happy little chatterbox since I was 8. Never had a problem with the BX-10, and Bingham mags. This is the first I've seen with the BX-25.
  6. I went out to dump some scrap wood in the burner last night and got surprised by a horde of raccoons by the door. Ran inside and grabbed the 10/22 and a BX-25 mag and loaded 10 CCI Stingers. On lock and load, the first round jammed in the mag and had to be pried out of the mag. The bullet got rammed into the case somehow, and refused to feed. Next round fed fine, and I headed around the house to engage. Dropped the first one in his tracks, and the coons scattered. The next coon I had targeted, started to run and made it to the ceasefire line before I could nail him. I turned on the lan
  7. The Cal 3 proposal just got enough signatures to make the November ballot. It would split the state into Northern C, Southern C, and California.
  8. That's the result of 10 buckets. It's a little low for being the good side of the stream. I've been averaging about 10-15 colors per pan on the good side, and 1-2 on the bad side. The trout love the holes I'm putting in their stream.
  9. Stick with buck for home defense, and birdshot for birds. I had to take down a rabid coyote with target loads, and it took 3 10 rnd mags to kill it. It took 5 rounds to knock a leg out from under him and put him down, and another 25 to stop all movement. Range 10 yards. Well, at least they're powertrippin on spammers!
  10. They do carry very well when bodyslung behind you, and stay out of the way when digging, that keeps it on you and not sitting on the river bank. Deployment time is about 1.5 seconds max from slung position to trigger pull. 7.62x39 has equivalent energy to a .44 magnum (1600 ft/lbs), and will be more controllable than a pistol. Plus the AK is damn near totally reliable even in the worst conditions. Since we're above the treeline, we should be able to spot them a ways off, and be on guard well before anything becomes critical. For the most part, we'll be together most of the time, so if an
  11. Here's what the Bible has to say. If a thief is caught when the sun is down, the thief may be killed with no blood guilt on the owner of the property. If the sun is up, the thief must repay seven times what he tried to steal. So, you tried to steal my Aston Martin, you now owe me seven of them! That'd stop thievery real quick!
  12. Well, police can shoot a fleeing subject if he poses a continued danger to the public. Firing back while fleeing poses such a danger. Personally, I think you should be able to shoot any perp in the commission of a felony, and as I see it, it was felony flight!
  13. The AK in home defense! Home video surveillance used to back up self defense plea. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/it-was-either-me-or-them-man-kills-burglars-with-ak-47/ar-AAydWvy?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=HPDHP17
  14. And the wrong thing to do! http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/cyclists-tried-to-scare-cougar-but-it-attacked-killing-1/ar-AAxz2Kw?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=HPDHP17 The liberal death cult strikes again! See why you need guns in both the forest and classroom!
  15. About time I do some gun porn. Here's the toys and the camp perimeter defense. The charger will run about 12 miles of fence and deliver 3 joules at 7-10 KV.
  16. Not sharpie marker. It was used against replica AR's that used a circular stamp to replicate the look of the hole and pin. On the PAP, there's a equilateral Y stamp on the auto sear hole location, a X stamp on the hammer pin location, and another Y on the trigger pin location. To make the holes, you drill the centers out with the appropriate sized bit. I'm going to have a chat with my senator about this. It's either the ATF is going to have to backtrack this, or they're going to have to open up the NFA roles to accommodate all the rifles that have been sold. Either way, the ATF fuc
  17. More or less the gist of the ATF's position is that if the AR receiver is marked for the auto sear hole in any way, the receiver becomes a machine gun. The receiver does not need to be drilled!
  18. Are all PAP's marked for pin hole locations? Cause I read something from the BATFE about AR's being marked. If it transfers over to AK's, you might want to buy them up while you still can.
  19. My BIL worked as a store manager for them....and the corporate types there really are dicks!
  20. I don't consider a AKM as a bad choice. Poachers in Africa use them regularly on elephants and rhinos. Now a AK-74, that would be a little weaker than I'd like. A cinder block wall is protective cover to 5.56mm, but isn't to 7.62x39.
  21. Then you should have heard the story I heard when I bought my AK's! Some idiot thinks a .22 LR will keep him safe!
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