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  1. I reported 2 today. One for lawyers, and one for car insurance if I remember correctly.
  2. Service for citizenship sounds sooooo good right now! And with that, citizenship required for breeding!
  3. Hey, my investments bagged 80K last year with 30K just in December! Any wonder why I love him?
  4. Wouldn't eat that! Just render the fat! A nice 600 pounder would yield close to 400 pounds of bar soap and glycerin. SOYLENT SOAP IS PEOPLE!!!
  5. No way. I'm not going to fall for that. I'm actually quite helpful sometimes. I think YOT's answer is right on. 20 cf is a good start. When you go bulk shopping (like at places like BJ's wholesale ), you'll tend to fill it up pretty quick. Here's one I have, for example: premium_three_body_refrigerator_large.jpg Oh wait, wrong picture. Just perfect for SHTF! If food gets scarce, I got no problem shootin and eatin looters. Wouldn't mind a few of those EBT packin scooter blobs. They make lots of good soap for napalm, glycerin for dynamite, and come with a way
  6. The biggest problem is numbers. We've been cutting down on the numbers but advancing the tech. Sooner or later, you reach a point where there's more targets than your aircraft can overcome...Then you're toast! We need a system that's inexpensive to field large numbers of. The other problem is pilots. We have a serious problem there as, most kids coming out of high school are 4F. We need to boot shoot a heck of a lot of those snowflake professors and teachers, and start teaching the things that really matter. I'm all for "service for citizenship!"
  7. I'd hope one of his generals grows a pair and pops a cap in the back of his head. Then the kimmie death cult comes to an end.
  8. The more boots on the ground or in the sky is what makes the real difference.
  9. Just remember, some of that WW II tech could provide surprises on a modern battlefield. A stinger missile cannot lock on a piston aircraft as it's too cool for the IR sensor! I wouldn't mind seeing a B24 ground attack plane. Vulcans fore and aft, and 48 hellfires in the bomb bay. And if the engines are trimmed right, they could chew you up before you could hear them.
  10. And burn premium too! Keeps the mileage up in winter. My Eco in the Escape loves hot roads and premium for a 28.9 MPG average.
  11. Those thermal terrorists from the frozen tundra!.....Oh wait...Those are Packer fans!
  12. Probably from a armorer to keep track of his mags. I also mark mine to keep track of mag failures. If I get one mag that always causes problems, then I can get rid of it. But if you have a pile of mags that all look alike...What mag was it?
  13. No! He's going to get his 72 virgins where he's going! NOW GET OVER HERE AND SUCK YOUR WIFE'S DICK!
  14. I had an old Stevens semi-auto that you could lock the bolt closed for single shot action. That would have been a perfect rifle for a can. Should never have sold it!
  15. If you have the 7400, well, everyone can make a mistake. But I wouldn't trade for it. I got mine after my uncle stole my grandfather's 742 that I would use for deer hunting, and also his favorite 300 Savage. I never saw grandpa that pissed! After that, the will got changed, uncle got $100, and mom got $1M.
  16. Ya might catch something from the goat sauce it was basted in!
  17. 7400 and 740 in .30-06 here. They're ok, but a PITA to clean! I did see one company making aftermarket parts for them.
  18. If a general gives garbled commands, and there's failure in the ranks, it's the fault of the general. Replace him! If a general gives clear commands, and there's failure in the ranks, it's the fault of the commanders. Replace them! Sun Tzu
  19. We prefer Chicago Cutlery knives. Mom likes them better than her German set. And they're a hell of a lot cheaper too!
  20. I've hunted successfully with chemical weapons. Found a live CS grenade in the field, so we drove to the far side of the artillery impact area (where the deer were hiding), and popped it off. Then we drove back to the other side and waited. Within 20 minutes we both had deer! It's like deer drive in a can!
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