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  1. Want to relieve some stress? Pick your own cardboard cutout target! I'll start with politics! http://www.cardboardcutouts.com/category/21/politics
  2. There are 3 kinds of ammo in the military, overhead fire, non-overhead and condemmed. Overhead fire is the best of the best, the non-overhead which is still OK for combat use, and condemmed which is not to be used as it's unsafe. Condemmed ammo either gets pulled for rebuild or totally destroyed.
  3. We got the same problems at Badger Army Ammunition Plant. Dinitrotoulene and mononitrotoulene in the water table. Near the burn pits, the ground can actually be explosive. Mono/di-nitrotoulene are very sensitive explosives and are precursors to TNT. Too bad they closed Badger, as we could use the ball powder made there right now!
  4. I think the rush is starting to break everyones piggy banks, and will soon be over! Now if that FISH in the oval office can keep his mouth shut! (FISH* = Fucking Illinois ShitHead) *does not apply to Illinois gun owners!
  5. And they thought that M193 was too inhumane and went to the M855. Who's laughing now! There's a good reason to have ammo that is .22 in, and leaves broadside! M855 is shit!
  6. If he's still having troubles, tell him to get right with the Lord. I have had the Lord make the most impossible situations in my life into smooth sailing, but I had to be willing to put my faith and trust in him first. There is nothing that the Lord cannot do!
  7. That's happening! http://www.dhmo.org/ But I like my tea and crumpets during the afternoon lull in battle! Hey! That gives me an idea! Water/coffee/chocolate cooled S12 barrel shroud with pour spout! Just perfect to go with the bacon cooker!
  8. We still have bulk packs locally. Plenty of 20 and 12 ga, and some .380, and other rifle ammo. Only thing in .22 is mags and short.
  9. Machine guns are legal in WI, unless the law has been changed quietly.
  10. Good luck with you're family! Have been there just recently having both parents in the hospital at the same time, and the rest of the family unavailable. It sucks! About the only weapon that can "do it all" is a nuke, and that will be all!
  11. Honkers are nothing but flying shit bags! 7 lbs? More like 10 from the way 1 family can shit up the back yard! The best was the RPG firing 1 oz report skyrockets. Had to switch to an airsoft machine gun to drive them off, but it wouldn't keep them away very long. Switched to the Red Rider as it provides for a little more sting, but still bounces off the feathers at 25 yds. But you can play artillery, and lob them out to 100. And I'm getting good at it, as I can usually land one within 3 ft at 75-100. Would just love to Saiga the whole bunch and be done with it!
  12. Box of Remington .30-06 165 gr PSP. Federal bulk pack. KickLite stock for S12 in dark earth. Phoenix S12 tri rail handguard in dark earth. Couple of options for S12 support. Russian breadbag. Looks a little shallow for 10 rnd sticks, but 8 would be about right. Brit messenger bag. Might be great for MD20's with a little mod. Nice shoulder strap on it.
  13. Can you recall the whole bunch in your state like the unions tried in WI? That's a PITA to have to go through, but hopefully you can throw the bums out.
  14. I've been thinking the same with mine! As I have the red dot on a detachable rear mount, I still have capability to mount fiber sights. I've had one on my Ithaca (RayBead), and it works great even in low light. The rear sight might also take a pistol sight.
  15. Had 2 garter snakes and 3 brown snakes. My big brown was wild caught at 6" and grew to 24". She was the best specimen most herps had ever seen for color. She also mated once and had 18 young. Lost them all within 2 weeks to some bug.
  16. By milling, you can open the hole to the outside of the pattern, and not take off material to the sides. This keeps the interior section as strong as possible so it doesn't crack and blow out. Drilling enlarges the entire hole and weakens the interior section.
  17. On mine, the taking the plug all the way in and backing out to the first stop is #1. It comes down to how far they filed back the threads on the plug, as to what gas setting you get.
  18. Prepping. Buying dewars for mass LN2 storage. Building directed energy weapons out of discarded microwaves.
  19. I got a ton of 1 liter destructive devices! A little dry ice or LN2....problem goes away!
  20. Here's a good reason for the barrel shroud! Keeps the bacon from falling off the barrel! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soa66FQ58vI
  21. Doesn't stop em from sending missile/reactor parts all over the Middle East.
  22. Would you like fries with that? Ladyfingers? Fried Oprah? ....oh god....and I got Dahlmer as a distant cousin!
  23. Direct from AGP! 10 or more and the price drops from $34.95 to $27.96 per mag. Only thing is the wait!
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