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  1. If NK is so strapped for cash, why don't they try selling those mags here? They'd make a mint!
  2. And you wonder why I don't run with a cell phone! Nothing to track except body heat.
  3. At a buck or more a round, it ain't going to get much use!
  4. Eagle Manufacturing used to, if they're still in business. I saw some steel ones at Brownells made by Triple K, but they are out of stock. The 740, 742, and 7400 are almost identical except for number of locking lugs. The Eagle's are single stack, while the Triple K are double stack.
  5. Traded 2 Eagle Remington 7400 10 rnd .308 mags for 2 in .30-06. Had those 2 .308's banging around for 20 years and finally got what I originally wanted! Guess good things do come to those who wait! Now to tacticool the 7400 with black fore end and rails, pistol grip collapsing stock, top rail, vented handguard, and slip on muzzel brake. It along with my 740 will be a good display on the stupidity of the assault weapons bans, as nothing really changes performance except mag capacity.
  6. GunFun is absolutely right on the gas pulse druation. On the AR side, it's why the XM177 had a long flash hider on it's 11.5" barrel. The flash hider had a pair of expansion chambers to provide enough gas/backpressure to reliably cycle the action. You see the same on the 5.45 Krinkov. The ATF likes calling these things silencers, although they don't do much for the blast. I also kept this in mind when I designed my pistol AR with a 6" barrel. The brake/silencer for it was a monster but included an expansion chamber to ensure proper cycling. Most AR's need about 4" of barrel past the por
  7. December 14, 2012 Guns = 20 children dead Abortion = 2700 children dead What needs more control?
  8. Groundswatting is frowned upon localy. Plus they're a smaller target area on the water. On the above duck, my 3 shots were at about 20-30 feet. Normally, the #2 I use do the job of bagging 1-2 ducks per shot with very few follow-ups on cripples needed. For Canadian shitbags I pull out the BB and use all three on the way to the ground. No runners after that! If birdshot can't always cut it with birds, It ain't going to cut it with Bubba Ben Dover!
  9. If you know of a hydrostatic test facility near you, that's the place to get dead gas cylinders. Also, look at scuba cylinders. ALL old aluminium scuba from 1992 and earlier need to be scrapped due to alloy problems. The alloy can fail explosively. Let's recycle! For fun, one facility on the lakeshore near Chicago had a launch ramp for decomissioning cylinders. They'd fill them, put em on the ramp, and sledgehammer the valve, launching the cylinder out into Lake Michigan.
  10. Think of what a perp might be wearing. Things like heavy leather biker jackets, can absorb birdshot hits without penetration though it might sting a bit. I've seen a duck take 9 rounds of 2 3/4" magnum #2 steel full choke at under 20 yards and still fly away, when each hit stripped feathers and knocked it back into the water. That same shot won't penetrate a piece of 1x2 at 25 yards. Penetration was only about 2 pellet diameters deep including the pellet. In the FBI test, rounds that had at least 12" of penetration in gelatin from 10'range were considered acceptable.
  11. The FBI says that #1 buck has minimum required penetration for home defense.
  12. That was a LS-45 HeNe gas laser (red) that ran on a pair of 9V batteries. Solid state lasers were still theory at that point.
  13. Shooting since 8. First powder weapon was an $89 10/22. Decked it out later with Bingham mag system, vent handguard, and slip on flash hider. Now has 6-24 x 44 scope.
  14. In the "My new toy" thread, I used one of the first lasers out there to stop two thieves. They shit their pants and surrendered, and I never had to fire. The intimidation factor is a wonderful thing to have on your side.
  15. I used Arkansas stones on mine.
  16. Congrats! Get him out hunting and let him make you proud! Here's what us grandkids got to do that My 180 lb 8 point buck. My sister's boat record 36 lb 4 oz chinhook salmon.
  17. Human eyes are the most sensitive in the green region of the spectrum. That's why the green stands out better than the red. A green laser at the same power as red will look almost twice as bright. Here's a chart that shows kinda the way our eyes see.
  18. I want to go the polychoke route with mine. My friend had one with his old 870 and it worked great. (2nd version in the e-store) Only try to remember to open it for slugs! I ran a few slugs through my Ithaca model 51 featherlight 28" barrel with it's full choke, and had many wild rounds. One deer I tried shooting through the heart at 25 yds, and hit him through both back legs! Next round for the kill was a tack driver. I'd rather have the longer barreled 22" version for duck hunting. Slug length barrels don't have the reach that longer barrels have. But for duck hunting, I r
  19. I'm #9221, so they're about 1000 away. I'd guess they'll ship probably next week.
  20. If they're signing up half the people at that race, it would be worth it.
  21. +1 on the new manufacturers. I'm considering getting the tooling to manufacture cases and bullets.
  22. We're now in the same boat. Nothing but 20 ga left. The local Fleet Farm is still well stocked for 12 ga.
  23. Hell....I rolled a practice grenade into my head principal's office, and all I got was a big laugh. The whole office staff was outside the door laughing their asses off. Now school's a real prison!
  24. Capt Nemo

    Utg rail

    If you have the side mount rail, you could try this. It's the UTG PRO U978S/MTU016 quick detach double rail side mount.
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