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  1. Just dug up the info and I was wrong on the alloy percentages it's 94-96% copper and 4-6% zinc with traces of iron and lead (alloy 210). So at 97/3 pennies would be at the top of that range and should work similar.
  2. I'd have to dig it back up and see. Looks like the book I had on pennies is wrong! Pure copper was out as a jacket material, but the low zinc alloys are good.
  3. HC white smoke, NOT WP!!! The burst radius of a WP grenade is 45 meters and must be used with a rifle grenade adapter. You ain't going to throw a WP grenade outside it's burst radius! The only way to throw a WP grenade is drop it from a helicopter.
  4. Save your pennies from 1982 and earlier. Just reading up on swaging bullets gave me an idea. The article said that 90/10 copper/zinc alloy is used for bullet jackets. Guess what old pennies are made from? The same 90/10 alloy!!! No wonder our gun grabbin gubmint changed them!
  5. Dahmer's a distant cousin of mine! Though....I would've been the first in line to put a bullet in him for what he did!
  6. The stock is a shoulder breaker! It has less butt surface area than a 10/22 factory stock! It's getting a Kick Lite in dark earth. But the grip is really comfortable, so I don't want to change it if I don't have to.
  7. Thread protector, puck, FCG are known Tapco parts. The stock and grip are the big questions. Would CAI risk putting out illegal weapon conversions?
  8. Here's a pre ban Norinco Type 56S AKS. (Sile import) Got it for $300 back then. http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o660/Dewit2it/Saiga/IMG_2510_zps3f86dc6b.jpg
  9. Here's the pics. The stock and grip do not appear to be the ones in the owner's manual, so I assume that they are add-on's, but I don't know the orgin. http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o660/Dewit2it/Saiga/IMG_2505_zpsf26e1ea2.jpg http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o660/Dewit2it/Saiga/IMG_2506_zpsaecf228e.jpg
  10. I'm trying to figure out who made the pistol grip and stock for my S12. It's a CAI conversion with Tapco parts. I would think that they're US made for 922 purposes, but didn't see a USA anywhere on the stock, and probably the same for the grip. The stock I'm not worried about as I'm going with the Kick Lite stock. But I'd like to keep the grip as it fits my small hands nicely.
  11. I was thinking of buying a pack of that! Maybe not now! The shavings might mean a polishing job on the feed ramp needs to be done. Are the shells lumpy? I've seen some pretty sloppy handling of ammo in the stores, like dropping cases of rimfire ammo, and other carelessness.
  12. It's like having a spear gun for diving! Would be armor piercing if longer bolts and heavier bands were used.....Or CO2!
  13. You got to love this one! (scroll down to billboard pic) http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2013-02-11/papal-ponzi-and-droner-update
  14. Assault case for the M-11/9 that fits the false silencer. 10 5rnd boxes of military grade Winchester/Olin 00 buck. 6 50rnd boxes of Remington/UMC 9mm 115gr FMJ.
  15. Nice piece of unobtainium! I think you could probably get a few more in there even! Would be even better in .410!
  16. Well looking at things last night, I'm going to have to mill a barrel clamp. But the rear mount should be able to rail mount and have enough support to not rip things off when fired. Rats!!! I'd need a magwell and drop free magazines, or a shorty M203 to work. Well, here's a pic. http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o660/Dewit2it/Saiga/IMG_2504_zpsefcc84d6.jpg?t=1360512138
  17. Toyed with the idea tonight....and....I should be able to get 25 rounds out of a drum the same size as the AK/RPK 75 rnd drum. The only problem is sheet metal fabrication capability on my end.
  18. Will the Phoenix tri rail forearm handle the stress of a Cobray M203 37mm flare launcher? Thinking of moving it from my AR to the Saiga, but don't know if the handguard can take it. Might have to clamp it to the barrel.
  19. Has anyone tried to make a drum similar to the rear feeding AK drum? I think that style would cut down the diameter for the 20 rnd drum. That drum would have to be ramped to offset the cartridge rims for feeding. Should be possible!
  20. Appleton WI Fleet Farm had 8 in stock at 6 something for the straight stock and $875 for the pistol grip models. The PG models are Century Arms conversions, with Tapco FCG's, pistons, and thread protectors. They also have the QD scope mount.
  21. Hi Everybody! As MD-20's go, I might buy one or two for giggles, but other than an ATF zombie raid on my place, I rather run with the sticks. I figure 7 10 round sticks as a combat load (6 in pouches and 1 in gun), same as I carried in the military with the M-16. With that in mind, I picked up a total of 10 AGP's so I have 3 as spares. For more ammo, I'd carry a .30 cal can repacked with 128 rounds of 50/50 mix of buck and slugs. Current inventory: 3 x 5 round 10 x 10 round
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