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  1. Even with bumpfire, 600 rnds would probably get the barrel hot enough to melt the receiver. Sustained rate of fire for the AR is 60 rounds per minute from what I remember from the Basic Rifle Marksmanship TM. So bumpfire mag dumping 100 rnd quadstacks is going to overheat that weapon quickly. He had to have changed out weapons to get to 1000 rnds. He definitely had the weapons to burn. I did see a weapon in a hottub, and I wonder if he tried quenching the weapons in that.
  2. 600 rnds full auto wouldn't produce metal fatigue, it'd melt the upper receiver bringing the weapon to a stop!
  3. They go to Hell. They go directly to Hell. They do not pass GO. They do not collect $200.
  4. Probably because wombs are needed to spread more of that infection over here. The minute they have enough, then you'll see them too!
  5. My grandfather taught me. If I could shoot it better than him, I earned it! Had my first .22 pistol by 14. Loved going up to the deer camp during the summer. By the end of the week we were shooting farmer matches as soda cans were in little pieces within about an hour from the BB guns.
  6. We did blueberry pie and peach cobbler. Best night we had cooking was sloppy joes at a camporee. We only had 3 scouts able to go, and the scoutmaster and my father weren't there all day, so we had to do it with no guidance. We got confused on the ingredients, and added a can of V8 for tomato sauce and a can of tomato sauce. Took forever to boil that V8 down, but it made the best sloppy joes EVER! When the adults got back before the council fire, they tried the leftovers and couldn't believe we did that good. That night we took 2nd place at the camporee, and beat our rival troop that h
  7. Barret M107 and all the ammo he can shoot! That will either scare the crap out of him or make him a man! Really though.....Red Rider!
  8. The little twerps on the street ain't worth the bullet! It's the handlers, and the financial backers that need the bullets. Ah....A little target practice before deer season wouldn't be a bad thing either!
  9. I think it's God saying, "YOU! GET YOUR BUTT UP HERE RIGHT NOW! WE GONNA HAVE A TALK!" And immediately, they suck start the pistol! Plain and simple, I'd hate to be his ass right now!
  10. Aircraft, vehicles, and getting heads down are about the only things FA is good for.
  11. Love it for those stable flies on Lake Superior! Tried it out and was doing multiple kill shots on those flies. Ran out of ammo in 5 minutes I was shooting so fast. Out of one hopper full, I had close to 150 dead flies.
  12. The only tie downs rated 250 lbs. Ratchet strap 500 lbs. Load 1000 lbs. There's really not much I could have done. Keeping the buckets open and letting the buckets spill is actually the safest thing. Otherwise when the strap breaks on lidded buckets, 140 lb buckets will start flying around. I rather get beaned by a 1 lb bucket than get hit by a freight train.
  13. The first burst sounded like 60-100, then 30, and another 30. 75 rnd drum, then stick mags?
  14. It would have been nice to have a strap around them, or have the seat up to hold them. Normally, I only carry a bucket of concentrated black sand wedged in with the mining gear. Was just grabbing the sand, as I needed the tailings for filling a muskrat hole, so this wasn't the norm. I have a few lids, but the result would have been the same. The black sands make those buckets really heavy, enough to pop the lids if they fall over. The worst part is, I'm not making jerky!
  15. On my way back from a trip to my mining spot, disaster struck. I was going through a dip with a bridge at the bottom, and as I just bottomed out, I saw a big doe on the shoulder at the end of the guardrail. I jumped on the brakes and was slowing, and another doe crossed in front of me. I slammed on the brakes, and still smacked her doing about 15-20 MPH. Then I heard the clatter of the buckets and a swooshing sound. Pulled over, and got out my light, and checked for damage. The front seemed OK, except for the running/fog light seems to be loose. Checked the highway and ditches for th
  16. Saw one video where they loaded it with sugar and were shooting their coffee with it and were about to try creamer. Sugar cube launcher where the cubes explode on impact.....COOL!
  17. Just do it! You'll be glad you did! I already have the yellow jackets down a good 50% by the apple tree. Only thing better would be one in full auto!
  18. Just picked up one of the Bug A Salt guns at Cabela's for $49. Effing A! This gun is a blast! Made to kill bugs with table salt. Got the idea to test it out on the yellow jackets by the apple tree. Will cripple on the first shot and kill by the second or third. Bald faced hornets take a few more to kill. It can kill a fly up to 36" away. 2" pattern at 24". You want to be 12" or less when engaging a yellow jacket or hornet. 80 shots per hopper of salt. Must have reloaded 5 times today, and there's a heck of a lot of dead bugs by the apple tree! Can't wait to use it on the sta
  19. How long do you think little kimmie is going to get away with teabagging the bear trap?
  20. My homegrown cayenne peppers will make your hand burn for an hour if you hold them barehanded.
  21. I've said it before, and got warning points for it.....Bunch up, and one grenade takes you all out! It's true for the military and SWAT teams. If that's as good as shotguns get in our military....God help us! The worst of my five S12's cycles better than those off shoulder and inverted.
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