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  1. That chicken on the bottle shows what it is......chickenshit! Tried it on eggs, man that crap was horrid! Trappy's ain't too bad straight as BBQ sauce on pulled pork and ribs. A little weak on heat, but less sharp taste than Tabasco. Cholula....like it!
  2. YUP! They're relying on their fancy toys too much! Like people on crackphones! I actually wouldn't mind if little Kimmie would EMP nuke us! It would force people to put down their damn phones!
  3. And that's why I build most of my gear! My latest is a solar powered self classifying recirculating fluid bed that can capture gold down to 400 mesh. (37 micron dia.) Only very careful panning can catch more.
  4. If you don't laugh at this you're 6 feet under! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mr4fRJoqG4
  5. Shovel sand into a sluice, haul water in buckets, haul tailings for 13 hours from sunup to get this much gold. $3.00
  6. Also gov CAFE standards! Those brought us the doughnut spare, which turned into a can of compressed slop.
  7. The only thing my father shot down was a towed target during gunnery school. He was a B24 radar navigator. They dropped the bomb, and dad's orders for Tinian got canceled.
  8. No wonder he does the craziest shit! http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/john-mccain-republican-senator-from-arizona-diagnosed-with-brain-tumor/ar-AAotb3x?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=HPDHP17
  9. I rather kill them far! Killing them close, and you might get a grenade to play catch with. If they're in range, and I'm not....That's the way I like it!
  10. Nope, I run a fluid bed and a miller table. I hope that pic uploader gets fixed soon!
  11. I remember some court ruling a long time ago that said that a receiver is only a part of a gun, and that it is the full combination of parts that determines whether it is a rifle or pistol. That was for the fireball pistols made from bolt action rifle receivers. If someone can find that case, it would apply to AR receivers as well.
  12. Fine glacial transport gold with a few nuggets, and a few sulfide deposits. But I was in the UP where there is better gold. Florida is about the only state where wild gold cannot be found.
  13. On a Lake Superior beach all day getting eaten by flies while digging gold.
  14. My old "Booche" would take down any critter or dog in the yard, unless it had an owner present, then she'd only bark a few times.
  15. The only one with the desk job in our local is the BA. It's his job to make hundreds of phone calls to members/permit workers for each job and find new work. It can take 2-300 calls to fill a 150 man labor call. And all for $32K a year.
  16. Whoever had the con violated a standing order big time to allow this! He's going to get the bill for sure! Pirates at the Crystal's helm? Muslime pirates? Seems to be a bit north for most pirate problems though.
  17. I think it's really time to start building the wall along the border and around California and New England. Then toss the libs to the other side!
  18. Well most in the entertainment business are really happy when they get union crews. Upper management is about the only ones that complain. And always getting paid for the gig is nice too! Non-union get stiffed quite often. Stiff us, and you won't get your trucks unloaded at your next stop until you cough up the cash to pay us and the local crew.
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