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  1. So far he's not removed the obama sanctions, and has allowed them to include Molot. So much for improved relations. In fact, I congratulated the American people, not because I was waiting for the warming of our relations (although there was hope). I was happy that Americans can still choose who they want, against all the desires of the elite ... We can not do this. And the problem is not that we do not have rights, most Russians do not want to change anything ...
  2. We stand with you! We in Russia mourn for every innocent victim of shooting in Las Vegas. Our country understands as no one else what it means to lose our sons and daughters ... Terrorists have no nationality, Dubrovka and Beslan, skyscrapers of New York and country festival in Las Vegas will forever remain in my soul. We remember, we mourn ...
  3. Congratulations on the new US president. I hope that now the Trump and Putin to meet and resolve their differences. Our people are too long looking at each other through the optical sight ... And that's too bad. Let's be friends, work together to build spaceships to conquer new galaxy and destroy the terrorists together.
  4. My new toy - birthday present Ak 103 & Gp-34 (original, deactivated on russian law)
  5. CAA&Fab Defens - It can be ordered directly from Israel with free shipping. I myself yesterday ordered : the buttstock CAA and 2 grips (front and pistol) on my Saiga-9.
  6. That is, an individual men can not be sent to any part weapons in Russia ? even when it writes the details of toys? we can send everything except prohibited by law in principle, and magazine. In the first to jail and the second is not possible to explain it for a toy))). Magpul sold freely ... but very expensive. Here is a screenshot of an online store ...
  7. I'm not a fan of Putin. His domestic policies in many respects does not suit me. But as his foreign policy - then I want to say this: The Russian army is not ready to fight either with America or the European Union. We do not want to fight with you ... You see what is happening around Russia - China, Afghanistan, Islamic terrorists. They are all in the immediate vicinity of our borders. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. ISIS is a threat to the entire civilized world. The war in the Ukraine it is nonsense of politicians, the war with ISIS, or those who come after them - it is a war of
  8. You can show these pictures here? Izhmash is not trying to develop an analogue of the buttstock for civil/sporting guns, only upgrade kit AK-74 for army (Project "Obves" - about which I wrote above).
  9. Yes, I agree with you, especially now that its price in the gun shop less than $ 1000 The buttstock - result of cooperation Kalashnikov Concern and Israeli producer Command Arms Accessories. Recently, they co-operate very closely.
  10. Strange - a long time no new post in my topic .... It's so affect policy? Or just not that interesting? Oh, and by using my account for the interests of my collection ... None of you guys do not want to change? AK-47/74 MOE FURNITURE SETS exchange on the original USSR ARMY FURNITURE SETS (plum plastic/plywood from Ak 74 or AKM - in your choice) ... there is a wish? I hope it does not violate the rules of this forum? No commerce - only collection of interest))).
  11. & original art The best Soviet sewing machines .... usually have German roots.
  12. Hello guys. Has long been I have not posted in this topic nice pictures of Russian arms. Now I will correct it ... Tuning & Classic
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