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  1. I would be in for some too, but..... Has anyone checked the website? keepshooting.com shows they have some in stock now for 34.95, but when you clicky, it shows $$$ 56.95 $$$ wow. Which is it, and why do they go on about them being so rare?
  2. oneshot

    Saiga-12 vs 870

    So is anyone willing to make some sound files of the 870? This is for fun people. Or a really short high quality video? we could expand this to several brands of shotguns, make a little compilation of video. Vote for the best sound?
  3. Got mine ordered! And I agree w/ Kevin.. I can see what specific IPs have been to my website, which site they came to mine from, what browser they use, what network and when they were there. Ain't tha internet fun?
  4. Got it today!! went killin some paper! used Federal 2-3/4 power shoks 4 buck. Man was that sweet!! I need that PG asap. Another guy at the range said he has the same, but with all the bells and whistles.. sounded like about everything I'm gonna end up doing to mine. I like the Folder stock w/ the PG. and the looks of the folding tactical foregrip. How many use that style front grip? I just wonder if its a good feel as far as the grip goes. Also, this model came with a threaded barrel , and has a small rail on the left side, just wondering if most came like this. A brake would b
  5. Ordered a new s-12 (iz-109) from Gilberts Guns. So now I can stop lurking and actually post something! Any new Saiga advice? Break-in, ect.. From what I have read, the rule seems to be don't use cheap shells. Anything else? My only immediate plans are for a LRBHO, a pistol grip, and some 10 rounders. Open for suggestions.
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