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  1. I would try the cheap Federal ammo and see how that functions. I don't think I have heard of too many people who were successful at achieving reliability with that Winchester target load. From my personal experience and what I have read here it just don't work, so I just don't buy it anymore. I really wanted my Saiga to eat absolutely everything I put in it (probably like you). I guess I ended up settling for everything except that cheap Winchester shat. The Federal sits right next to Winchester at Wally World so it is real easy for me. I just grab the red/black box instead of the white/gr
  2. You might be talking about about that company that rhymes with babelas? They took my order and items showed in stock, they then emailed me several days later to inform me items were not available and were back ordered. Several weeks later they called and said my order had been cancelled. Lucky for me though the operator informed me they got another shipment in of another product I could buy. This "new" shipment was only going to be $3 dollars more per 20rd box of 223. I also ordered some S&W 15/22 mags that got back ordered, cancelled and offered a generic brand that was $10 per mag mo
  3. Amendment IV The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable SEARCHES and SEIZURES, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. Keep you hands off my data NSA! You have no right to seize this information. Fact: Snowden is a hero, the NSA, CIA, and FBI are the real traitors to the Constitution. Don't care if you have nothing to hide or not, this is wrong. When they need
  4. Glad I live in Arizona. Those DC cops would shit their pants at my stash in comparison to this guys. Spent shells, bullets for a muzzle loader, and a holster. Jeesh??? I thought the gun grabbers are always saying us gun nuts should have muskets like they did when they wrote the constitution. This poor guy only had the bullets and they are trying to crucify him.
  5. Yeah I wasn't worried about actually breaking the law, just liberals sheiting their pants while driving their prius down the I-17 and calling the cops on my anyhow. I know we have all seen the videos of the cops hassling people who weren't actually breaking any laws.
  6. Here is my baby. Sorry to hijack your thread and toss my pron in the mix while your hurting Megaman Absolutely would love a copy fan, I found the user manual online but couldn't track down the service manual. Would like to start doing more of my own maint. so I don't have to pay or ask friends for help all the time.
  7. I have one of these cheap red dots I bought at a gun show a few years back sitting in the closet somewhere (edit: Found it). You pay for shipping and it is yours. It won't hold zero for more than a couple shots though... A few of my friends also purchased similar models. All I can say is just don't. They all seem to be made by the same company ours just had different distributors names and logos. Look exactly like the one you have there. Long and short of it is they may run ok for a bit but eventually problems arise. Only the red works, won't turn on anymore, dials quit working, can't hold
  8. J&G has the Century for $599 now if any of you guys talking about this rifle are still in the market. I am riding by there tomorrow so I am really tempted to stop in and give one a look see in person. I don't know how that's gonna look if I end up riding home with an AK strapped to my back, fukem if they can't take a joke I guess
  9. 09 R6 here. Would like to get my hands on that if you are sharing That sucks and I hope you get it figured out Megaman. Did you report the problem to the Gas Station where you purchased the fuel? I know it is a long shot but may be worth a try reporting it and seeing if they will pay for repairs. I would be so pissed I probably would stand outside the station with a sign that says "Bad Gas Sold Here!" until they complied.
  10. All of these psychotropic drugs include in the warning label data from research studies. These labels state the drugs may cause violent behavior, hearing voices, suicidal thoughts, etc. I don't think it is a theory, it is fact that these drugs mess up the minds of people who use them. I'm with Stryker on this one. Any parent who would subject a child's developing mind to chemicals such as this is just sick. The guy in NY wouldn't give his kid a MicBurger and the psychiatrist recommended he lose visitation in custody battle. WTF Over...
  11. Thought it was going to be a joke thread but that dolphin actually fucked that dead fish! HA HA HA. That dolphin is the sick fucker...
  12. Check your local wally world too. I have seen them brand new for 1049.
  13. Had to check my local Wallyworld after reading this thread. Nada here in AZ. When Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore has them they are 1099 w/ free shipping. Bonus points for not having to pay our worthless government tax on the purchase as well
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