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  1. I have to agree. They are basically the same damn gun. Not much really to debate as far as which gun is better. The point of my thread was to debunk a couple of rumors that the BR was not as reliable as the MKA. It's just flat out not true with the two guns I had to test. Somethng to make note of though is that with any manufacturer quality control changes throughout a guns life cycle whether it be for the better or worse. My test subjects was a very early MKA XN and a late model BR. Might have made a difference.
  2. Yeah no prob. The gun is completely unmolested right now. Even has the factory crap sights. No signs of any premature wear, but I am only at the +/- 60 round count. I may buy some inexpensive sights for it like the Magpul ones, but don't plan on dumping any money into it until I get some more range time with it. Additionally, I plan to pick up a couple boxes of 1150 fps and 1100 fps low recoil ammo just to see how low I can take it without issues. My guess is that I am already at its lower end limits by how far the 1200 fps shells were ejecting, but I only know one way to find out for ce
  3. Giving everyone my honest review of the BR-99. Before I do though here is my shotgun background. For starters I am and always will be a Saiga/Vepr 12 fan. Thats my "go to" shotgun platform hands down. However, I did give the MKA 1919 a shot a while back and hated it. I sat on the sidelines for quite some time waiting for a honest review on the MKA. Once that came out I said "pass"....... Then the MKA XN version came out with much better reviews so I picked one up in the $700 price range. Overall I was dissapointed with it for the price so I sold it pretty quickly and stuck with the Kala
  4. Just letting everyone know these are finally back in stock. The are pricey, but they have ALWAYS been that way. Nice to see that Legion isn't jacking up the prices due to the import bans now in place. I say get em while you can.......... https://www.legionusa.com/vepr-shotgun-12-russian-10-round-factory-magazine.html
  5. A little while back I bought one of those LEO edition Saiga 12s with the factory Russian side folder from Legion USA. From day one of receiving the shotgun the side would not latch shut in the folded position. Originally I liked the gun so much that it didn't bother me, but lately its started to bug me. This brings up a couple of questions: 1. Is it normal for the stock not to latch in the folded position straight from the Russian factory or did I get a lemon? 2. What's the RIGHT way to make things right? File/grind the latching tab on the stock, file/grind the actual latch on r
  6. Atlantic Firearms has them in stock for the same price. http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/component/virtuemart/shipping-rifles/vepr-12-gauge-shotgun-pre-order-detail.html?Itemid=0
  7. I have several AKs, but they don't all have the same trunnion. I have one flat and two round and all have bullet guides installed. I am thinking about buying another AK and was wondering if their is a preferred trunnion(flat vs round) by most AK enthusiasts? Any benefit to one over the other? A found the thread below, but it did not address my question? http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/59185-military-ak100-series-trunnions-flat-or-round/
  8. According to "Anubius" which I believe is with Firebird Precision team, the gas bypass is the only portion of the gas system that differs from the MKA 1919. Having said that, I don't believe the BR-99 will be any different than the MKA when it comes to a SBS. Most guys who are playing around with MKA shorties are partially or completely blocking the bypass system anyways to provide enough gas to cycle the action. In my opinion, the only real way to make these weapons easier to SBS is if the gas block is offered in a location closer to the receiver. The "bypass" can be redesigned 10 times a
  9. This is not necessarily S12 specific, but I am wondering what the starting OD should be for a 12 gauge barrel when threading the 22mm x .75 S12 thread? I am assuming their is a window of tolerances where the saiga 22mm die will easily thread the outside of and 12 gauge barrel without having to take off excess material first?
  10. Anyone know of a rubber butt pad that fits on to the AK 100 Russian folding polymer stock? I would even be willing to retro fit something as long as I don't have to permanently modify the stock. Not really worried about recoil, but the factory metal butt pad on the poly stock is slightly uncomfortable.
  11. Anyone have anything to add on one size being stronger or more rugged than the other? From what I read the 5.5mm was developed to arrange the stock to be more in line with the barrel. I also read that the current 5.5mm pins and trunnions are weaker than the originals, so maybe the 4.5mm is the better choice based off ruggedness?
  12. Yeah, I am fully aware of the installation hurdles. As a matter of fact this will probably be the only thing I pay a professional gun smith to install on my gun because its so labor intensive and could be an expensive screw up. At this point I am just concerned about which kit to purchase. Seems like its basically two slightly different designs of the same damn thing. Might come down to which ever kit happens to be available.
  13. Can someone enlighten me as to which AK 100 side folder kit will work best on my Saiga 7.62? I want to use the triangle folder, but don't know the difference between the 4.5mm and 5.5mm kit. Is one size superior to the other or just different? Will both fit the saiga stamped receivers?
  14. Hey guys, I finally figured our which "look" I want to go for on my Saiga 7.62 conversion. I want to cut a couple inches off my barrel including the factory fsb and permanently attach a "spikes tactical" or "battle comp" muzzle brake for 16" OAL. I have a couple questions about the process though. 1. Since I will be cutting off the barrel right behind the fsb what are my alternate front sight options? I was thinking either a complete new gas block with an integrated front sight or a "weld on" H&K style front sight to the factory gas block. 2. Will I still be able to cycle the
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