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  1. so what ive heard about/read in a declutter book, was that you only remember the times where you needed something, not the 1000s of times when you threw something out and never missed it.... negative vs positive reinforcement kinda?? I can remember one time in the last few years that I actually regretted throwing something out and had to go buy another one, but can't remember what it was. The regret didn't last long because I try to focus on the fact that I save time not digging through a bunch of crap when I need to look for something. I get so much satisfaction from throwing things away tha
  2. Yeah the declutter dilemma. Every time I do, never seems to fail I can use that little piece of scrap whatever I just threw away.
  3. Well y'all have inspired me to put it back. Thanks netpackrat. I put it back in and bent the hell out of that spring over the lever. It's not going anywhere now.
  4. Well you are faster than me. It took me 2:23 to do mine.I just need to notch it better and seat that spring with a little more purchase on the lever.
  5. Yes but apparently not deep enough
  6. After 1K rounds or so the spring on the BHO lever slipped off. I was waiting for it to happen and now after it has I finally removed that pain in the ass. I'll either buy or modify my safety lever.
  7. I had a 06 Chrysler Pacifica I traded in 2012 with just over 200k. I bought a 2012 Dodge Charger that I put 120k on it so far. I will run it to 200k then trade for something else. A challenger maybe.
  8. That's news to me. If you mean the spirit of a dead person coming back to haunt his old house the bible says no they do not exist If you mean Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit that is the third person of the Trinity And is not the same thing.
  9. The golden bullet runs just fine in all of my .22 pistols and rifles. In fact I have tried a few other brands but always come back to the golden bullet. Of course that was before all this madness happened and you could find .22 rounds everywhere.
  10. Good on the staff for letting it happen. The problem with "letting it happen" is you could wind up in prison yourself.
  11. I have both the M&P15-22 and the Sig522. I like them both. I have never had any feed issues with either of them. I have mostly shot the Remington Golden Bullet with no issues. I really have no preference of one rifle over the other. They both are a lot of fun to shoot. My son and I like to shoot at a .22 dueling tree. We trade rifles back and forth. He prefers the Sig. When I ask him why says the doesn't know but he just does. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  12. I have a S&W 4046 that I received new in 1993. I kept all 3 magazines loaded to full capacity for 11 years. I also have a Glock27 from the first year of production (1995 I think) with 2 magazines. Both magazines have been loaded to full capacity since December of 1995. I have never had any issues with either gun or their respective magazines.
  13. I agree with Sim. Be the big brother and ignore the little bastard. If you give him that on Christmas morning in front of family it will blow up in your face. You will be the bad guy for hurting the young Lord's feelings.
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