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  1. Thank you Gents for the kind words...
  2. Thank you Mr. "T" For I could NOT have asked for more!....ONLY thing better than the friggin gun was the "Buying" expierence itself, Tony Listens and THEN cateres to THOSE specific needs w/ JUST the right amount of input....a simple often over looked process in todays custom Market, thank you my friend once again. Report when i get to the range (Couple of Broken fingers put that OFF a few weeks my apologies, BUT on it shortly :-)
  3. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=58892499 Hmmmm seem to be about 1/2 dozen for sale on GB ??? LD
  4. YES Ill miss this, one BUT alas gun at trmix for the breecher, I COULD NOT find this break either on Ebay or GB so I guess they only come up every so often? My barrel was INTERNALLY threaded for chokes so this was REALLL handy. Thanks guys and Fred I still Need ADDRESS for shipping please sir. LD/Russ
  5. Thanks Fred and may she serve you well! Ill holler and forward tracking accordingly when Funds arrive sir, thanks again my friend! Russ
  6. "Flotter" PLEASE email me at rnatkin@cfl.rr.com for contact and $ info please. Thank you Loandr.
  7. absolutely and thank you for your understanding sir! PM sent Mr. Flotter.
  8. URRRG I hate these situations BUT "It is what it is"....Crow to answer your question first please I believe it acts as comp since listed as such when purchased originally, I think would have benefits as flash Hid. as well with its perforations...None the Less FIRST "I'll Take it" takes it (FLOTTER), So sorry I cannot answer your other questions sir. Thanks for the interest. rnatkin@cfl.rr.com Loandr./Russ
  9. Title says it all, For Sale (1) Black Detachable Compensator for Saiga-12 Shotguns. ROCK solid LOCK up/fit which secures via Allens in 6 different locations! Just mounted NEVER fired in Excellent +++ Condition. $35.00 SHIPPED OR Trade for (2) New Bulgarian Waffle Mags. Thank you. Loandr./Russ rnatkin@cfl.rr.com russncin2001@yahoo.com
  10. Correct sir, Just like Sold here at our very own store, New for ALOT less on this one :-) http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=11292 In case it helps :-)
  11. Like New, Secures Rock Solid from 6 diff. point w/ allens accordingly. email is best rnatkin@cfl.rr.com
  12. I have a Nice one and am In fl. Let me see if I can drum up a pic sir. You'll like it rnatkin@cfl.rr.com
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