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  1. Drilling and tapping is truly easy as long as you take your time, When I do bullet guides, I drill the holes using a mill set at 600 rpm. then I hand tap
  2. SGM tactical has a 3 rail forearm that might work pretty good for you
  3. Nicely laid out sir. I love the idea of an ambidextrous charging handle design. Keep up the good work
  4. Actually I have built the kpups and found them to be very useful and ergonomic. They point very well and a few people I spoke with prefer them over the Kel Tec KSG. If ya'll have any questions let me know
  5. I would definitely recommend a Saiga 12 over the MKA. Only reason for that is reliability, That being said, for a competition guns. a converted S12 wil be easier to transition from your rifle to shotgun. I've done a lil research on this and believe.
  6. North sound Armory is here in the NW to stay. Ya'll should check out our website when you get an opportunity.
  7. So if there's anyone interested, Our conversion run about $250.00 plus parts for a standard conversion.
  8. The Hogue really nice although probably not the best choice if you are shooting while wearing gloves.
  9. A week ago we took a standard IZ-109 to the range with the SGMT choke pack to test it out. After being jeered by everyone for the "crutch" we brought on the field, my cousin and I began the skeet shoot. My cousin got away with an 11 out of 25. (This is for the guy that was the state clay pigeon shooter for four years straight.) Next time we will bring the long barrel S12. It was the good thing we still have the bolt hold open on the shotgun lest we would have been escorted off the range.
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