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    Bho problems

    My bho somehow come unattached and the bolt is stuck open I have no way to open the cover off the gun because the bolt is open and I can't push the tab in the open the cover anybody have any ideas????
  2. I have the same problem with promag drums only I have worried my self to death trying to figure it out but I can't neither
  3. They can only search your home if you have the license the fax stamp is a exemption they can't do it just because the stamp
  4. No you can not pass down guns/silencers if they can come looking for it and you have the stamp but no silencer you get jail time the only way to get rid of it is to have it legally destroyed I know this sounds dumb but it was what a dealer told me
  5. I went to a local gun smith/ dealer and got the news. I can get my class 3 license but it's 500 dollars and as mentioned the Feds can come into your gun store home or anything you own with no warrant and search it. But if you are just wanting one silencer a 200$ tax stamp can be given to get it but its about a 1.5 year waiting period on getting it Brookhaven about a hour south of jackson
  6. I just got my new threaded choke tube in from CSS. The quality of the product it great, packaging of the product was great just as I expected, but the threads are to long to work with my muzzle break I can't get the break to screw on all the way it bottoms out a quarter of an inch away from bring made up. I have the CSS threaded modified choke tube with a chaos warthog break Another picture
  7. I thought I would just start a thread where everyone can wright where they are from, how old they, and where do they work just to get to know everyone a little better. I'm 22 from Mississippi and I'm a roughneck offshore.
  8. I'm from Mississippi and I'm wanting to go about getting my license to get a fully auto gun and silencers any one know the rules? How much does it cost? Is it a one time payment or do you renew it? Is it very hard to get?
  9. I already have one on the way I will do a review for yal soon
  10. A guy by my house is selling 7 ammo belts all with 50 rounds of 7.62 ammonloaded ready to shoot can I shoot this out of my saiga or ak with the stock set up? He only wants 100$ for it all is it a good price and can I shot it out of a stock set up?
  11. I'm about to get 5 or so inches cut off of my factor barrell who can I send it to to do the best work? I want it cut off and retreaded
  12. Anyone ever heard of them? Any one have any reviews on them? I've never seen one like this with the shell stop. I'm wanting to but a coupler and this popped up but I can't find any reviews
  13. I need a gas plug good at cycling low brass I have the CSS reliability kit but when I shoot Winchester low brass it shoots great when I shoot remington low brass on the same setting it jams every time I'm thinking about the auto gas plug any one got any reviews on it?
  14. The hardest part to mentally prepare for was drilling and cutting but after I started it was the easiest the hardest to me was the bho and shepards crook but overall the secret is patience on saiga it seems like nothing goes together right I had to file on every thing I put on
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