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  1. looking for one of the four-piece bakelite stock sets Atlantic was selling
  2. skipbo32

    WTB: 1P29 Scope

    i am looking for a Soviet military grade 1P29 scope. anyone have one they would like to sell or know of someone that has one they might like to sell, let me know. thanks.
  3. skipbo32

    wtb: PK-A Venezuela red dot optic

    Atlantic has them? last i checked they were out.
  4. skipbo32

    WTT/WTS Saiga 12

    i will take your PK-A Venezuela red dot if it's still available. PM sent.
  5. hey, i am new here......i frequent the AK Files forum. i am looking to buy a PK-A Venezuela Red Dot. let me know if anyone has one, or knows of one for sale.