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  1. I registered a while ago but haven't posted in a bit. I haven't done a whole lot to this rifle since the original conversion. So far I have moved the trigger assembly forward and installed the hogue grip. Replaced the stock with an AR style buffer tube and Magpul CTR stock (non-mil spec) Installed bullet guide and modified to accept standard AK mags. Replaced the main/hammer spring with the one on C.S.S. (highly recommended!) The two things that I'm looking to do next, and hoping to get some advice on, are optics and forend options. I don't want a reflex scope, but I don't want
  2. This is all very true but this thread is pure comedy gold nonetheless.
  3. Yep, coming from the emotional and dramatic guy. Kinda laughable.
  4. Could be worse. Have you seen some of the armlist prices?
  5. Are you honestly THAT unaware of what the laws actually are? Unfortuantely, it is YOU that should not be allowed to handle a weapon. Holy cow, you're a regular Diana Degette. I cannot be arrested outside of the state of CO for those tickets. Do your research, rookie. I do, and that's another thing that I thought was weird, because they supposedly do state DOJ requirements as well as NICS. It never even got mentioned during the application process. The only time it comes up is when I purchase a shotgun or rifle, and then they give me a proceed 2-3 day later.
  6. Why would I get arrested in WI for a non extraditable traffic warrant out of CO? I would have to be physically in the state... I get where you guys are coming from, but you don't seem to actually know what you're talking about here.
  7. Again, you didn't read the post. I'm not asking about why I'm getting delayed or if I'm going to or if a warrant has anything to do with it. I'm fully aware of the situation. I'm asking what the difference is between the two checks, based on the fact that I get my handguns sooner than my long guns. Again, a simple question but all I'm getting are long winded rhetorical nothings; kinda reminds me of a liberal press conference in here. And with that, I digress back to the ACTUAL gun sections of the forum.
  8. LOL. Look people, I have no incentive to get the tickets cleared up. They are in CO, I live in WI, and I can buy guns without having to wait more than a few days. They don't affect my ability to vote or hunt or travel. Maybe if I moved to CO I would go ahead and pay those off. Seemed like a pretty simple question, but I had no idea this was the wingnut section of the boards. I'll just post in the 7.62 sections now on. Funny though, so thanks.
  9. Any thoughts from someone who read the entire post?
  10. I live in WI. Any time I want to purchase a handgun in WI, I just do the paperwork and come back two days later. Everything is handled through the Wisconsin Handgun Hotline But when I try to purchase long guns, it goes through the NICS and I get delayed every time. I do have unpaid tickets out of state and the warrants to go with it, but I eventually get the long guns too. Does WI only check state records for handguns? Shouldn't they be checking out of state records as well for felonies and such? It seems odd to me that it's easier for me to get a high capacity 9mm than a Mossberg 500.
  11. I have no equipment, and not even sure I'll do this. Just trying to get some numbers from anyone with experience.
  12. Traded and no longer available. Thanks for looking.
  13. Where are you guys finding the gas tubes?
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