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  1. I just ordered a couple of the mags Black Aces offers. Not cheap, but nothing is these days.
  2. Much appreciated. Not what I wanted to hear, but probably something I need to hear. Just wish I would have checked with you earlier.
  3. So within a few weeks, I expect to have my very own Black Aces Tactical DTR. For those not familiar, it's a 12 gauge pump that takes Saiga mags, has an 8 1/2" barrel, but because of the way "shotgun" is defined in federal law, is legal without any NFA hoops. I have a Vepr 12, but have never owned a Saiga. My question is about recommended magazines. Mostly sticks, but I know at some point I'm going to want a drum (I can't help myself when it comes to that kinda thing). Any recommendations for max reliability? Thanks in advance.
  4. From the pdf file: Is there a way to buy the new spring, for retrofitting to an older magazine?
  5. How in the world did I not discover this until today?!! Come to think of it, maybe that's a good thing, because it spares me having already been anxiously waiting for months.
  6. Nothing good, I imagine. Not much of a risk in my case, because I don't keep slugs around. When I want to shoot one big projectile, I use a rifle.
  7. Paradigm claims the design is based on the "duckbill" choke, used by SEALs in Vietnam: I'm not vouching for that claim--haven't researched it.
  8. Hey Kurt, I would like to hear more about this spreader choke, how do you like it and were can I find one? Haven't had a chance to try it yet, and it will probably be a while, Health and logistics are likely to keep me away from the range for the immediate future. You can find the Paradign SRP Gator spreader choke here. My point is largely that other similar designs got similar patterns but the shape of the pattern varied a lot from shell to shell, and there tended to be gaps in the pattern. a 6 foot wide pattern is useless if only one or two pellets are in the two feet oc
  9. Hmm--tempting. I'm not crazy about the plastic rail, myself.
  10. That's a good suggestion, but keep in mind that the spreader choke I have on there creates a 6 foot-wide pattern at a range of 12 yards--that's about 567.7 MOA. If I can't fight the muzzle rise, though, that should be pretty easy to see.
  11. Hopefully eventually. Don't know when I'll get to the range. Dealing with some health issues.
  12. Here's mine, with Bumpski stock, Mako quad-rail handguard (ordered before I knew about the Chaos, or I would have gone that route), Crimson Trace vertical foregrip with tac-light and green laser, and Paradigm SRP spreader choke:
  13. Well, we now know that a Bumpski can be fitted to a Vepr. Took a bit of doing, though. The opening at the back of the receiver was a bit too narrow (thicker receiver walls, maybe?), so about 0.015" has to be machined off each side of the Bumpski:
  14. I have one on order, but don't know how soon I'll have an opportunity to attempt the installation.
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