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  1. Ok, went a head and mounted the buffer tube without removing the lower tang. A little dremel work on the tube produced surprisingly good results. Ill include a couple pics for anyone looking to adapt their milled receiver to mount a M4 style stock on a poly buffer tube in the future without hacking/cutting/removing the lower tang. As you can see, the only concern is when/and/if I need to place the stock in it's fully closed position, watching that you don't get your hand caught against the lower tang, being that it sticks out a bit.
  2. When sales compared the SAM7R61 to a Ferrari of AK's, I should've realized that locating part upgrades wasn't as easy as a run to AutoZone or PEP Boys... I'm sure this has been a common experience with milled receivers still having upper and lower tangs still in tact. Has anyone known a buffer tube available for a AR type stock where both tangs can be retained... I don't want to cannibalize this beautiful but frustrating rock solid tank of a weapon. As the photos show, what I thought I could adapt to attach the new Mako GL Shock stock I picked up, after a closer look, I've realized it would be
  3. Its like speaking directly to the Gun Gods, thanks everyone for the info, these suggestions will move my firepower a little closer to the exceptional equipment that I'm sure that keep you and yours safe as well... I'll keep this updated as I take down and work at smoothing out the action..
  4. Polish it smooth. Thanks, but using what, a dremil with stainless steel high luste poiish on a buffer wheel? 1600 sandpaper to de-burr maybe? mindful to polish and not remove?
  5. hell, I have a couple, forward that FFL over and I will fedex ya one tomorrow, no problem... which one you want? Let me know if you need ammo too...
  6. Letting it fly when it wants to, pushing when it doesn't quite make it. I am being less gentle with it since I read your post, it helps too. Do you see the indentions in my hammer, what would you do with if yours looked this way?
  7. I did notice that when my Circle10 40round was maxed, it hung up the worst... so loading 39 helped a bit. After chambering several rounds and ejecting them, I saw minor scuffs on the cartridges, but nothing abnormal. I took several pics of my hammer and carrier/bolt, give or take 1000 rounds has given em some wear, but I'm not sure how normal this amount is? I know this is likely a rookie inquiry, but if any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. With your help & knowledge, SAM has come along way.
  8. lol, guess I had that coming, after reading what I posted, I guess it sort of sounded like I was directing porn about getting loaded & erectile dysfunction. Thankfully now I realize that my carrier hangs up when charging the first round, is a much more accurate way to describe my situation. I already see several helpful suggestions to help solve the hang up and will update once I get a chance to apply them, thanks again.
  9. Since this SAM7R was new, the 1st round has always had to be pushed back in after being pulled back. I keep it clean and use Breakfree CLP. Every other AK I have ever owned chambers easily, but I can't for the life of me figure out whats causing it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Nice, real nice. I've found it almost impossible to find a buffer to go M4 my SAM7R-61, I'm amazed to find so many upgrades not available for a milled receiver. I like what you have done with this.
  11. +1! Back in my Military days, my nose was on the charging handle every shot with an M4. Doing the same thing every time will prove it on paper if you are looking for tight groups. Even working out your breathing rhythm and squeezing off the shot in the same place every time will result in consistency. ObiWan is correct on the parallax free sight being more forgiving but locking down on the weapon is going to steady you better for accuracy. Thanks for the info, makes me feel good about the selection of my now recent purchase (Mako AR - 15 Buttstock with Cheek Riser w/ a
  12. This is only my 2nd build and I'm still learning a lot thanks to you that taken the time to school me on my Saiga 223 and now my Arsenal SAM7R-61. Its been sometimes tough finding what I need for a milled receiver. I decided to go with the Vortex Strikefire with a extra high mount ring on a AKARS, and hope to get some pointers on the importance of a adjustable cheek mount on a Mako 6 pos.stock.
  13. These 1911's that they make sound somewhat dangerous, are they reliable, or are they often little more than a homemade grenade looking to maim someone? I learn something new everyday, and thanks for seeing what I meant above.
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