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  1. I love it! I barely have to reload. No competitions just back yard fun. I'm not using any choke either
  2. 40 is probably the lowest I would go. What's your offer though?
  3. I haven't had a problem with PayPal ordering parts from eBay (mags, stocks, etc..)
  4. Bump. Still have it all. Make me an offer if you don't like my price!
  5. Make that a +2 then. I bought two mags that should be here this afternoon. Edit: Got the mags. Exactly as described!
  6. I just bought 2 in the WTS on here. Should have them in a couple days and will report back.
  7. $25 takes them with PayPal gift or +3.5% for Paypal goods. All are basically unused. Puck has had 50 rounds on it. I can provide more pictures if needed. Also, have eBay and other feedback if needed. Feedback: Celltraderonline Ebay Heatware Adding: Tac-47 AutoPlug $40 with PayPal gift or +3.5% for Paypal goods. Will post pic of AutoPlug later. Only used with 5 rounds then removed for V-plug. *Also, this is now cross posted on other sites*
  8. I would take the auto plug and reliability kit if you seperate
  9. Getting my first order from CSS today. Didn't know about the code but the T6 stock and tri rail I ordered were better priced than anywhere else.
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