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  1. I believe 6.5 grendal uses 7.62x39 cases so standard AK mags would make sense. I hope...
  2. The Magpul handguards won't fit VEPR's either. The barrel is too thick for them. To this day I haven't found a good VEPR handguard. I've all but given up on ever having a quality option. The Krebs would have been decent enough if they would have made their anchor screw hole precise instead of elongated. The elongated hole allows the rail to slide forward under any serious use. It's still solid and doesn't wiggle, but can slide forward and back about 1/4" or so which is entirely unacceptable. My question is the Troy top rail any good? Does it stay put with some loctite and retain zero? I do
  3. Wow. That is very cool. 6.5 Grendal is an excellent caliber! I don't think I'll add it, although I would before 5.45x39. If I were just beginning a collection 6.5 is a top notch performer. Too many calibers would have me standing at the safe wondering what to grab if I ever needed to.
  4. Please inform me as to where I can buy a compatible recoil spring assembly. I don't mind if it's not made specifically for the VEPR just as long as it works like it is. Much thanks in advance!
  5. Just a bit of feedback for those shopping for the very hard to fit VEPR rifles. Both of the folding stocks I bought are incorrectly milled. Where the stocks hinge is too thick. Because of that neither stock matches up well to either of my VEPR's. There is an 1/8" gap between the receiver and the slant cut on the stocks. That also leaves a gap at the bottom where the pistol grip attaches. Once attached there's daylight between the pistol grip and receiver do to the poor fit of the stocks. I don't know if they've ever tried their parts out on an actual VEPR, or if someone simply took or sent mea
  6. How accurate are the .223 VEPR's?
  7. Did anyone ever confirm accuracy?
  8. I'm looking for a 20" with AK style sights and a threaded and pinned barrel. If you see one, please lmk. Thanks in advance!
  9. Guy has a sweet 5.45 on Youtube he had made. Excellent choice.
  10. Anyone know if VEPR pistols or SBR's exist? I'd love to own a SBR for home defense purposes.
  11. I used a Carolina Shooters guide which has proven a bad fit in my VEPR. Dry cycling rounds causes a number of hang-ups with a fuller mag. I had to dremel the guide a great deal and won't know how well it went until I get it to the range this coming spring. Seems we are simply offered Saiga parts sold to us as VEPR parts. Has anyone else purchased a guide that did not require fitting yourself or is it just another part we must custom fit ourselves?
  12. I understand the PWS FSC muzzle brakes are very good, I think the same as the SCAR 17s?, but I do question paying a bill for a muzzle brake? One must wonder if that price can be justified over other options.
  13. What do you think that would take? 20,000-30,000 rounds of .308?
  14. Tyler from CNC Warrior suggested the AK Twisted Menace Muzzle Brake and the Derita Menace Brake w/ detent notches both in M14 X 1 LH. He said they have notches but don't require to be timed/indexed and they are also counter bored so they fit up on the barrel. Sounds perfect for the type ll sights sytems. I assume some locktite will hold them in place?
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