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  1. I APF AR10 lower locks and drops the 10rd MKA mags without a problem
  2. Thanks Jim. I may have shot 10 maybe 15 of the magnum slugs. If I do shoot slugs now its mainly remington sluggers. Its a fun gun only. I shot 15 sluggers all of last year to site in a red dot
  3. I dont shoot alot or never ran 3gun. But I can run rio, ccheap walmart ammo both federal and winchester. Also estate as well. Early on I had problems with all of them but after replacing the lower with a billet one all the problems stopped. I maybe get 1 of 100 fte maybe. Ive done mag tuning and that helped early on. But after swapping the lower ive been able to run anything from cheapest ammo I can find to black magic magnum 1 3/8oz slugs
  4. Id buy that gun all day long Add a shorty lv10 forend on it....
  5. Starquestjoe

    Mka drum

    Hey Jim my money can't get any greener. Just waiting on you big guy. Ive bein holding off building my own drum just to buy yours
  6. Awesome job Jim. Put me on the list for one I really like the design of it too. I have used the 90rd AR offset drum before and feel no real difference in weight being to one side. As opposed to the 100rd centered drum Been waiting for a drum to be released. And if its like everything else you produce its quality with be top notch.
  7. Starquestjoe

    Mka drum

    Jim I hope yours does come out first. Ill be one of the first to buy one. I was going to try a make a drum setup from a 2rd mag and the verp 25rd drum, and still might over the winter. But I would still buy yours
  8. Congrats on the win. Looks like a hell of a good time. Maybe one day ill Try my hand at 3gun
  9. Thanks, got a long recovery ahead of me . And yes its the cbrps MNAR kit. I would recommend cbrps to anyone. Great products ive also become a bullpup nut as well. If I can bull pup a mka I would
  10. Its about time to get some finished pictures up of my mka. I have shot it since april 8 due to bein burned of 40% of my body. Mainly the right side. Im recovering very well but have a long way to go. But when I did shot the mka with the sas lower it felt great and shot flawless. Not one feed or eject problem. Gun ran really smooth. Im all most up to strength again to shot. When I go home from the hospital I couldnt hold the gun up, it was to heavy. But anyway on to pics Ok so after typing all this the pics of the mka were on my old phone. So ill have to take some later but for now here is
  11. I personally went with the SAS for its clean look. Much the same reason I got a FB forend over a TnN. The TnN just looked to busy. I like Clem and simple
  12. Well just finished assembling the gun as a whole. WoW !!!! By far the best part I have bought to date for my mka. The fit and finish on the lower is top notch! I had no problems with my mag catch bar. If anything it's a bit loose. As Brett said a SaS mag catch bar would be great. My FCG fit good and safety selector is soft for my liking and will be changing that. The upper to lower fit is near perfect. I will finish my report after I shoot 100-200 rds. I love how my gun feels again. I never really liked it after I cut the factory stock off. Now I can't wait to shoot it again. Should b
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